30+ Free Movie Streaming Sites | No Sign Up [Updated List]

With the inception of on-demand streaming, watching movies on the internet is as easy as snapping fingers. Many production giants have already launched free movie streaming sites with an awesome and alluring free movie library. Gone are those days when watching movies was only limited to theater and television. With the popularity of services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, free movie streaming sites are equally mimicking the ideology of providing kickass content online. Even watching movies on the mobile device gives you the freedom to watch a movie anywhere and anytime.

If you are planning to watch a movie online and don’t have any subscription in your pocket then try free movie streaming sites without registration and signup. Just open on your PC or mobile, and start streaming free movies. Instead of trying out the illegal sites, try out legal movie streaming sites that are equally good and support the latest streaming devices like Roku, firestick, Xbox and many more. With the collection of movies ready for streaming, one can watch series & TV shows from available arrangements.

Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies Without Registration


1. TubiTV

 legal movies on Tubitv

TubiTv is a free website to stream and watch movies without downloading that we personally love to visit. Thanks to one of our visitors for suggesting this movie website. After getting a recommendation I had a visit and found it really awesome with beautiful design and free content. service is available on major platforms like Android, IOS, Xbox, etc.

The user need not create an account for accessing the hosted library. In fact, I played one of the displayed content without any registration. This venture is supported by some streaming giants around the world. With the motive of free entertainment for all, TubiTV is certainly doing an amazing job and will keep doing in 2018 too.

visit site

2. Snagfilms

watch free movies on snagfilms

I wonder why earlier, I missed out Snagflims from my list of movie streaming sites. The moment I found it’s legal and trusted platform, the only thing I did was adding to my top preferences. A simple design is what attracts me most to this website. They have their Apps developed for Android, iOS, and even Windows. That’s a sign of a trustworthy service. So if you are planning on TV series or movies then do check out this free movie website on desktop or mobile.

Don’t expect to get all the latest hits and released movies, but the content is worth watching if you love diverse cinema. I always advocate for the benefit of such free movie websites. Stay away if you are eager to find the latest films on this platform.

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3. PopcornFlix

streaming movies on popcornflix

Popcornflix is one of those legal & free movie streaming sites where you can watch and stream full-length movies for free. The site went live in 2011 and is doing well on its part. With a huge collection, one can watch over different categories like Horror, Action, Comedy, Popular, and New Arrival.

It’s not up to movies, TV series are also available. The best part is that you don’t need to create an account and sign up. So watch movies without sign up and registration. The site is mobile friendly, looks amazing on the desktop too, and supports many latest platforms like Android & iOS.

Visit Popcornflix

4. TopDocumentaryFilms

docummenataryfilms screenshot

Documentaries are the mirror of our society that’s why they are always appreciated, as they bring out the fact behind any real-life incident. Be it a documentary on top leaders, a real-life incident like 9/11 or many of such. Documentaries are the best way to add up some knowledge by adding up facts.

Top Documentary Films is such kind of movie library that provides documentary films for watching movies online in almost every category. Require no signup and it’s free or all. Science, War, History, comedy, etc. The huge collection is present to give you a nail-biting moment. The top 100 list curated by the website has the most appreciated movies you can watch online.

Note: Many times user reports about streaming site can’t be accessed. This is because that particular is blocked in your region. All you need is a VPN App or software. Unblock any site and surf safely.

5. Yahoo View

watching movies on yahoo

This is a joint venture where Yahoo and Hulu came together to flourish a modern OTT- Internet content streaming service. Yahooview came into existence back in 2016. A free streaming platform having content from well-known companies is a sheer blessing. The movie collection consists of a wide range of categories with eye-pleasing quality. All you need is Yahoo account to watch movies and any content available. Although, I was able to stream the movie without signup.

YahooView feature movies & Shows from the popular networks of the US. The service is primarily for people living in the US. In spite of free service, the content quality is pretty impressive.

6. Vudu Movies

watch movies on Vudu

We all know what the Vudu platform is all about. Vudu is a movie renting platform where you can rent movies & shows you prefer to watch by paying a fixed fee. For me, renting seems to be an expensive deal as you get limited content at a quite high price. It’s better to opt for services like Netflix & Hulu as they have lots of content you can stream.

Though people are aware of Vudu, not many know that Vudu also lets you watch movies for free. Though they are ad-supported, one can get quite a well collection of free movies. When compared to free & paid services like Hulu, Hotstar, Netflix, Vudu really needs to revamp there design and content to be in the game.

7. ShareTV

search movies on sharetv

An online community of more than half a million people. ShareTV is a great initiative that scrapes the platform of movies & TV shows similar to the search engine. As you search any movie or show, ShareTV provides the full detail about a website where you can movies for free or by spending on premium membership. As a user, one can find movies, TV shows, and anime at a single place.

As we try, videos are restricted geographical as creators have issued some sort of restrictions. The well-defined menu lets you choose the genre and the filter option plays a crucial role in searching any video. Do check if you are looking for a streaming search engine.

8. Crackle

crackle logo

A service by Sony, a brand on which we can trust. Crackle is a good movie website when it comes to watching free movies online. Crackle is a free online distributor of web shows, Hollywood Movies, and TV shows. You can stream for free without any and charges. Find full-length content for streaming. Register to get personalized service. You can download Crackle App for Android and IOS too.

Surf within a huge database and watch your favorite content online right away. Popular categories like Sci-fi, Horror, Comedy, Thriller are available. The only downfall of using crackle is that you won’t find full HD or HD content. Also, when compared with other services, Crackle has support for almost all modern devices.

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9. Hotstar

Free Movies On Hotstar

Native to India, one of the best movie streaming sites started a few years back In India, Hotstar is a unique venture in the Indian market for the first time. To me, Hotstar is the pioneer that introduced me to online streaming. Being of its own kind, Hotstar is an online venture of star India which focuses on multiple genres. Be it a TV show, watching Movies from Bollywood & Hollywood, Games and Live events.

Movies and shows are similar to the international standard. There are many movies & premium shows that are hard to find in a reputed streaming platform. Although Hotstar is free, it cost only 200 INR for a premium membership. One of the reputed sports streaming website to track the live sporting events.

Visit Hotstar

10. free-classic-movies.com

As the name suggests, free-classic-movies is an amazing platform where you can almost every classic movie that is in a public domain. Yes, this is a legal movie platform where you can watch movies online. The best part it also provides an option to download movies in various formats. The daily feature box displays intriguing movies on a daily basis. These feature movies are treated to find new and unseen movies online.

Movies are featured beautifully with date and year it was launched. This is no place to find the latest movies. If you love to explore classic cinema that too without breaking any law, go for this site.

11. Classic cinema online

watch classic cinema
As goes by the name, this place is full of classic movies. You can find all types of legendary films, silent films, vintage films, etc. The material available here is very limited but rare. There are wonderful classic movies with legendary stars such as Rock Hudson, John Wayne, etc. This is the platform where you can find movies by filtering year of release.

If you are much more into classic and retro style lover, then give this a shot. Feel the charismatic effect of classic cinema. As per web site claims, this platform is completely free & legit to use. With the option of watching full-length movies, one also can download movies without leaving the site.https://spuul.com/spuu

12. Spuul 

Spuul boasts of having 10000 hours of movies. This is one of those movie streaming sites that consist of the latest hits, evergreen green flicks, and some classic Bollywood hits. Basically, it’s a paid platform where one can watch and download movies by opting for a monthly plan of Rs 150. If the paid plan is not what you want then feel free to access free content

One can also rent out a movie for a minimal fee. This gives you an edge over opting for an entire month plan. But when compared with youtube, spuul is a bit expensive and featureless as youtube has many movies listed for free. If Bollywood movie is your destination then Spuul is definitely a good free movie website for you.

Visit Spuul

13. Openculture

A website with lots of other media stuff for free, this what Openculture for you. Openculture gives you access to free legal audiobooks, textbooks, online courses, and moreover free movies. A 100% genuine place to get free online movies without any hassle.

Don’t expect to get the latest flicks as public domain stuff are quite old, and to be frank, people don’t care about them. A person with an immense lover of cinema can understand the real value of this site. Openculture is now running with a fresh and swanky design that gives a touch of a standard platform.

14. Voot

free movies on voot

Whenever we talk about movie websites for Bollywood movies, Voot is the one we can’t miss out. Voot has been a successful venture by Viacom which curates content like movies, TV shows, Kids shows from their network. At present Voot is available in India only as they feature content for Indian audiences only. Voot comes loaded with reality shows like Big Boss and Roadies. Also, the kid’s section is quite appealing.

What made me use Voot is their original web series that are exclusive Voot users. All you need to do is open the site and start accessing the content. The service is completely free for now. Though it is not the best movie website, it holds the content that our local audience love.

15. DocumentaryHeaven


A movie platform having different content from the majority of movie streaming sites listed here. The movies for your brain; this is what the documentaries are.  Documenatryheaven is one such place to find hard-hitting movies.  The simple UI and easy to monitor navigation makes it a favourite destination for documentary lovers. The best part is the Top 100 list which features the best 100 movies based on popularity among users.

The submit option lets you submit documentaries that have not been listed or some fresh content that you want to feature and share with the potential audience. As the website says, feed your brain with good content. This is what Documentary movies are all about.

16. YouTube

Youtube for watching movies

I think it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard about Youtube. Yes, the god of video collection with millions of movies, videos, live sports from all over the world. If you are looking for some robust system then YouTube is a place to hang around. Apart from movies, watch teasers, trailers from upcoming movies.  One needs to keep patience as movies are uploaded after a period of time.

Also, there are many official channels that upload movies for free of different genres and languages. I’ve started using Youtube as my primary destination to watch movies for free. Just do a little search and you’ll find many movies that you can watch for free.

17. Freemoviescinema.com

free movies cinema homepage

One of the best legal movie streaming sites to watch movies without signup & registration. When the legal movies are what you want, this is definitely a great place to watch movies. The platform is packed with lost of categories ranging from action, thriller, comedy, drama, etc. The best about this website is that with the list of movies to stream, there are TV shows you can binge on. Once you visit the homepage and start exploring content, you will notice that there are not a single filthy banner or pop-up ads.

Find and watch movies in 720p, 1080p online without spending on expensive subscriptions. The movie website also features the top movies of the month that’s a good feature to have on any streaming platform. Talking about the content, UI and overall experience, this is the far better website when compared with any other legal platform mentioned in this list.

18. Yesmovies.gg |Fewer Ads|

Yesmovies is one of the top-rated free movie streaming sites on our list. The site looks and feels similar to its sibling and does the work it is meant to do. watching movies online is fun when content is in an abundant amount. The site is also special to watch series unblocked without registration.

Find Movies and TV shows from different regions. All you need to do is select a movie and start the play button. Turn off lights feature is a good utility to make movie experience more enjoyable. The amazing free movie website to watch movies without any annoying ads. As compared to other sites, you less likely to face any popup and flying banners. The site has recently jumped to anew TLD and might not work from few regions.

19. fmovies.top

This is a fantastic movie website and my recent findings. I’ve missed so much epic content by missing out on this site, but you will not. Find movies and watch TV shows online from the vast genre. The movie database is flooded with many of the awesome flicks out of which many are already stocked with subtitles & CC.

The amazing content and easy to use interface make it a heavenly place to be. For those who keep complaining about fake sites, this is a real gem. Try out and share your experience with us. Don’t waste time. Start streaming movies online without downloading.

20. Flixtor.to

Watch free movies online with no registration & a single ad or popup. The flixtor serves the purpose of a free streaming website with an essence of premium looks and interface. The website design is similar to many of the sites already listed above but has the complete intangible benefits. We all complain about how movie streaming sites keep on flashing ads and popups, this isn’t a case with Flixtor.to.

While reviewing the site, we didn’t find a single instance that hindered our experience. Also, while navigating through titles the portal free from any such nuisance. A highly recommended place to watch entertaining stuff all the time around. The option to download movies while watching is like icing on the cake.


Q1: Is it legal to watch movies online?

Ans: Yes, completely. There are many legal movie streaming websites that are free and legit to watch movies without breaking any law.

Q2. What are the legal websites to watch movies?

Ans: Tubitv, Hotstar, Snagfilms, Voot, Popcornflix, crackle, etc are legal and free to watch. You can sign in or start watching without any registration.

Q3. How to find if a website is legal or fake?

Ans: A legal platform always has apps for Android and iOS in their app store. A Wikipedia page, and collaboration with production houses are also a way to identify a legit platform. You can read reviews about streaming platform online.


The major advantage of streaming movies online is that you are saving your precious time; save time on downloading. There are many movie streaming sites that can be used through any of your devices such as Android, PC or iOS. The best part we did was the inclusion of legal portals only. Have fun, watch classic cinema, Anime, TV shows for free.

So this was a full detailed list of free movie streaming sites to watch movies without downloading. Now Watch Hollywood, Bollywood, and even Korean movies online without any charge. Few websites are paid but most of them are free. Do check more of such articles on Infogeekers to watch movies easily on PC or mobile.


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