5 Sites To Download Subtitles For Every Movies & Series

How do we download subtitles for movie & series? Are there any sites where we can find precisely synchronized subtitles? Well, in this piece of content we are here to entertain every query of yours. Movies accompanied by subtitles are indubitably a heart throbbing combo.  Even those who can hypnotize others with his or her lucrative English speaking ability, at times miss out words in the movies and TV shows. In fact, you can also miss out dialogues which are accompanied by action scenes or the one which is braced by heavy music.  But, not all movies or shows come up with pre-installed subtitles.

To harness the power of subtitles explicitly, download subtitles and manually adding them or by taking the assistance of ingenious media players like VLC, Media Player Classic, etc. Now a question might arise like which site we download subtitles of such a huge and vivid quantity of movies or TV shows. No need to worry about in that case, we have got your back covered. In this article, we are going to talk about the canny and ingenious sources from where you can extract the subtitles and also the steps to load subtitles to a particular movie. So without further ado, let’s get started.

List of Subtitles Download Websites For Movies & Series

1. YiFysubtitles


I must say that this site is highly versatile with lots of immersive contents and is indubitably a blessing for the subtitle enthusiasts. Amidst its blistering and glossy interface, only the significant pieces of information are present which makes it much more intuitive and engaging. On searching for any movie or clicking on any of the same will land you up on a pretty interesting page, which provides HD stream and download, and along with that you will also be scaffolded by a bunch of information like the actors being cast, IMDB rating, movie length, release year, etc. Scrolling a bit down will fetch you the probable and possible subtitles of the same in vivid and various languages.

2. Moviesubtitles


With an extremely minimal UI (user interface) and scaffolded by few self-explanatory subheads, the same will certainly exceed your expectations. The site can undeniably be termed as a chief arsenal for subtitles as it boasts about 1.14 Lakh subtitles in total, circumfering 19,000 movies. Downloading any particular subtitle would fetch a zip file which is required to be unzipped in order to enjoy any particular movie to its fullest. One of the unique selling points of the same is the minute analytics present on the very right side of the website, which assists you to abruptly estimate it’s exquisite variety of contents (the site encompasses about 13 languages, such as – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German etc.).

3. Subscene

subscene best website for subtitles

If you prefer to watch a movie along with subtitles, then witnessing this site will inevitably teleport you to the fantasizing & wool-gathering world of La La Land. The best part of subscene is it’s overwhelmingly transparent, yet visually appealing UI. You can easily search out your favorite movie or series subtitles by simply searching for the same and for much apt and appetizing result, you may also opt for the range of filters (based on languages like – Arabic, Danish, Bengali, Bosnian, English etc.)  provided by the shrewd and sensible developers.

The best part of “Subscene.com” is it’s highly synchronized and a bejeweled forum where you can carry out significant discussion regarding the very genre it circumfers and you too can contribute to their stacks of stock by uploading your self-curated subtitles.

4. Opensubtitles


I must admit that Opensubtitles.org is one hell of a kind. The site possesses each and every entity that can bewilder you to the fullest. At times, ads might turn out to be an annoying factor but the same can certainly be curtailed if you opt for the “VIP membership”. Alike subscene it has got the enameled and festooned forum and along with that, you can too bestow subtitles of new movies and tv series. The site is multilingual itself such that users from various communities can access it without any hindrances.

There are more than 45 Lakh subtitles (of various languages like – Afrikaans, Bosnian, Chinese, Finnish, English, etc.) present in the website. The most awe-striking fact about the same is that it encompasses more than 70 languages, which is highly praiseworthy.

5. TVsubtitles

tvsubtitles homepage

It is undoubtedly an imposter of “moviesubtitles.org” but with much variety. It’s total subtitle counts around 3.21 Lakh. As the name suggests, this very site specializes in TV show subtitles. Tvsubtitles circumscribes about 2,087 TV shows & 69,845 TV episodes. On the navbar, you will encounter 7 self-explanatory subs which suggest – “Home”, “TV shows”, “New”, “Top”, “Add”, “Feedback”, and “Video”. You can too upload subtitles of a particular creation by opting for the “New” section.

For a much ace of functionality, the developer has sectioned the most appetizing terms i.e. “latest subtitles”, “most downloaded subtitles” & “top tv shows”. TVsubtitles.net is a multilingual website and is available in seven major languages – English, Swedish, Espanol, French, etc.

How To Load Subtitles In Movie & Series

Follow the steps accordingly to fetch the best result:

Step 1 – First and foremost you need to download the video file into your system and store it in a particular folder (it can be according to your choice).

Step 2 – You need to download the subtitle file (usually available in SRT, SUB, VBB, etc. formats).

Step 3 – You need to rename the subtitle file same as that of the video file. For instance – your video file is named as “xxx.mkv”, and your subtitle file is named as “xsubtitle.srt”. You are required to rename “xsubtitle.srt” file as “xxx.srt”.

Step 4 – Now you need to move both the “xxx.srt” file into the folder where you have stored the video file. Basically, both locations need to be identical.

Step 5 – Play the movie and enjoy.

In the majority of the scenarios, these steps work flawlessly to yield a perfect result. But what if this fails to fetch the result (i.e. didn’t work) or what if the video already have a pre-loaded subtitle track? In that case, you are required to manually load (or switch) the subtitle track in the video. Below mentioned steps will properly guide you through:

Download & Load Subtitles Manually

Step 1 –  Catapult any video player (in this case we will be using the VLC media player).

Step 2 – Open up the video file in the same.

Step 3 – Thereafter on the navbar, you will notice a sub named as “Subtitle”; Click on the same and it will prompt you to “add subtitle file”.

Step 4 – Browse to the subtitle file, select the same and click on “open”. Now simply sit back and grab the bucket of popcorn and enjoy the clip.

And if you intend to switch between subtitles then you need to follow the following steps once you click on the “Subtitle” sub present in the navbar.

Step 5 – It will fetch you an array of options, where you will encounter an option known as “subtitle track”.

Step 6 – Clicking on the “subtitle track” will fetch you the list of added subtitles (which you have loaded since you might load multiple subtitles.).

Step 7 – Now you can switch amongst the subtitles according to your own convenience.

Search Subtitles Within Video Player

If you intend to skip all these hassles and bustles, and want to run away from being bamboozled, then this part of the content is just meant for you.

Video players like Media Player Classic and BS Player, though possesses inbuilt support which scaffolds auto-downloading of subtitles yet the source of the same is still unknown.

And if you prefer to use VLC Media Player, then it will act as a plus one for you. On the navbar, you will find a sub named “View”. Clicking on the same will fetch you a drop-down menu, where you will encounter the option of “download subtitle”. You can download the subtitle from there itself but always prefer to “search by name” then “search by hash”.