20+ Anime Streaming Sites | Free Anime Websites 2020

Looking for amazing anime streaming sites to watch anime? Let me help me you out. As we know Anime is a term derived from world animation. Due to the stunning graphics and the theme, they are based on; anime has gained high popularity. If you want to take out the worth of your high-speed internet connection, then start watching anime instead of downloading them. We all are fond of downloading the latest movies, the same goes for anime. Likes movies, there are lots of anime streaming sites where one can watch anime online.

With the revolution in technology, now watching an anime can be no easier than streaming it online. That’s why if you are an anime buff like me you can’t wait a single second to watch the latest episode of the favorite series that you always chase after. Although I’ve already shared some of the best sites to download anime to build your own anime collection. So, here I’ve created a list of top anime streaming sites to watch dubbed anime online. You can find legal, & free anime sites as well.

Best Anime Streaming Websites To Watch Dubbed/Subbed Anime


1. Crunchyroll

watch anime on crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a legal anime streaming website that has organized the best of the anime collection and is available in most of the countries. The site has features similar to a premium site. Some anime videos can be accessed for free, and the rest of the videos can be viewed after you subscribe to premium membership with ad-free experience. If you do not care about the money and want quality legally, go ahead this site is for you. You will have access to all the latest shows, manga discussions and more.

Moreover, if you are a premium user, then you can Simulcast the newest episodes as soon as 1 hour after airing in Japan and can have an ad-free experience. The good news is that the site has launched a 14-Day Free Trial of Crunchyroll Premium that lets you watch unlimited anime from $6.95/month which you can cancel online anytime.

Visit Site

2. TubiTv

anime on TubiTV

One of the free legal anime streaming sites that have a good collection of Anime for its viewers. The best part of this site is that the new anime series are added on a weekly basis. Once you finish your series, a new one is waiting for you. And all this is free of cost. TubiTV is backed by some of the top company that is creating content for the different type of entertainment industry.

One thing that kept me confused was the collection. The anime catalog might differ with your location. As I was using US IP, the collection was quite good. I suggest you register for free and check the anime tab. Recently, they have made registration compulsory but the service remains free like before.

3. ConTV

contv for anime series

CONTV has a large number of extraordinary anime series and movies to find. CONtv is a destination to discover the latest anime films and TV series. They fundamentally convey FREE content and they utilize the income from the advertisements to cover the circulation and license expenses. The homepage of the website is significantly organized classified in different sections for CONtv fans. It is a place that acts as a community where users can discover a wide range of movies, TV series, and anime as well. CONtv can be accessed through a wide range of platforms based on your mobile device, laptop, smart TV, and also tablets. ConTV is one of the top anime streaming websites where one can watch anime, movies, TV shows, and read comics too.

4. Viewster

Viewster is a streaming platform with a good collection of animes too. It mainly focuses on Anime, and for this reason, they promote themselves as an anime platform. This is the reason I’ve mentioned Viewster in multiple lists. They claim to add new content every week so you don’t run out of content.  I’ve used this website a couple of times, so let me disclose some facts. There is a huge difference in content for a different region.

Means, a person accessing from the USA will find the different catalog as compared to the person accessing from UK & so on. In found US IP to be more open and broad. Do let us know your thought on Viewster as an anime platform.

5. Animelab

Looking for dubbed anime streaming sites with premium quality content? Are you from Newzealand or Australia? If yes, then this is the best place where you can many popular animes for free. A legal place to watch anime online without investing a dime. Feel free to explore this anime website and enjoy your favorite anime.

They have dubbed anime too but you need to pay a premium subscription which is around AUD 6. The price set for Australia and New Zealand is almost similar. A good collection of anime is what Animelab is. I’d have rated it much higher if they were operating across the globe. Hoping to see them soon.

Visit Here

6. Yahoo Anime

Hulu is mainly known for high-quality uploads and a wide collection of anime films and anime series. The anime site is unavailable in most countries but has good anime collections. This website with a user-friendly interface that lets you watch the latest episode of the anime that you like or follow legally and officially.

But, remember there is a restriction to access Hulu, the website is not available to the whole world. Hulu can only be found by internet users that live in some parts of Europe and Asia. Still, you can use US VPN and aces the website. If you want more anime in your collection then opting for Hulu is the best option.

7. Hidive

Watch anime online with Hidive, the platform that lets you watch anime series from various genres in HD quality. Like Crunchyroll, Hidive works in all major locations having movies, simulcasts, dub & subseries. The basic freemium plan comes loaded with few titles that one can literally binge in a few days.

The real concern is watching the latest releases and dubbed series. The platform charge less than $5 for a premium account giving you complete access to all the content available. Stream anime ad-free,  scale anime quality to 1080p, create multiple profiles, etc. Unlike other sites, this anime website lacks in content but could be a good option for checking out new content at a regular interval.

8. Because


It’s not an anime website but a search engine to find & watch anime series online. Here you can search the anime and find out the place you can watch your favorite series. The options suggested are mainly of paid websites but there are fair chances that a free website may appear. The homepage is itself quite simple with an amazing user interface and no advertisement. All you need is type in the series name and hit the search button. Once you complete the initial steps, search results with a thumbnail of anime and platform where series is available are shown.

On the web, you will find countless useful sites that will help you find various entertaining anime shows and will keep you informed about all the episodes of your favourite series. We have enlisted the best free anime streaming sites for you.

9. Animexd.me

One of the best anime streaming sites you can follow to watch any anime online. The database of this website is so humungous that any anime website seems out of content when compared with Animexd. Whenever you are looking for dubbed anime in the highest quality, this is the best anime site you can check. The dark theme makes the thumbnails more attractive and looks dope as well.

The right sidebar display all the trending anime series that people are voting and loving on this website. The site header-only consists of a search bar where a user can type any search for any title. The live chat option is so interactive that people keep on interaction with other fellow users. Chat and discover new content regularly.

10. 9anime.to

If you are a die-hard anime fan and love to watch anime online then 9anime is a perfect destination & and of the best websites to stream anime online available. This amazing anime site is nearly ad-free and hosts many of the epic anime series. Not many platforms are available to stream dubbed anime online. Well, 9anime has many popular dubbed and subbed anime. Many people have compared 9anime as an anime torrent website due to the availability of huge anime series in its catalog.

Also, I’ve seen freaks collecting animes from a different genre. This website is also a good place to build a collection as one can easily download them. You just need to play the series and click on the download option at the bottom of the embedded player. If I get to choose between kissanime or 9anime, I’ll prefer 9anime.to. A way better anime site than many low-quality sites due to its simple and alluring content.

11. KissAnime.ru

Kissanime is the king of all anime streaming sites since the inception of anime worldwide. This site has made available a wide variety of anime to its fans. It has the highest number of fans and rates high in popularity among anime buffs. The site is optimized to consume low-bandwidth and loads fully in almost 10 seconds. The site uploads anime series in a consistent manner in every possible quality similar to that of YouTube from 240p to 1080p optimized for a wide variety of devices.

The site, however, runs using JavaScript, which is missing in mini-browsers. Without registration, you will be able to stream and watch your favorite episode but will not be able to download the episodes and participate in a community discussion. You can also download kiss anime app from the Play Store.

12. Chia-anime.tv

Chia-anime is another free anime sites like Kissanime that will do wonders for you. The site will let you access all of the best anime series from all time and the latest ones for free. The site is must visit because of the dedication the site shows; innovation is always the top need in today’s world. The leniency among Anime regulators has maintained the working legacy of Chiaanime for long. This free anime website hasn’t seen the ban in recent days.

The update frequency of the series is very high. The site updates the episodes of the anime 10 times faster than any other site. The site offers English dubbed anime in high quality and can be streamed and easily downloaded with a single click.

13. AnimeSeason.com

Many users use this site and are a fan of the quality that the site promises. The site is well-polished to provide a quality scrolling experience with simple infrastructure properly organized to please the eyes. The good part is that the site will not force you to watch irritating ads making the experience more reliable and beautiful. The site is close to providing ad-free anime experience.

The site has embedded video players that let you watch online subbed anime episodes with captions and titles on them. The site has no search bar, but the left pane is organized well to locate anything that you would search for. On the left pane, you can quickly locate your favorite show from the category and archive tab.

14. Masterani.me

Masterani.me is among the top dubbed anime streaming websites with the best GUI. The site looks no less than a premium platform having a superb layout to explore anime series. Every anime comes with a big thumbnail and a synopsis. The review system helps you find new anime. As every content comes with a star rating, it’s very easy to find the highly-rated series.

Navigating through series is easy with almost no ad interruption. The problem comes while playing as you jacked to open ads forcefully. Once it gets over it, it’s just a matter of play button, you can easily watch anime online. Masterani also provides you with an option to select and change the server name.

15. Animestreams.Tv

Watch anime online with animestreams, intuitive design with easy to navigate content. Unlike many other anime streaming sites, this anime website doesn’t push any popup ads or annoying flying banners. Also, if you were hunting for dubbed anime (anime in English) then be confident to find them as they have a separate category for English dubbed anime.

For content-hungry people who jump on various sites for particular anime, now you can request anime on demand. Fill up the google form and let them know the anime name you were looking for. For the best experience try to avoid Google chrome.

16. Gogoanime.com

Gogoanime is another anime streaming website to watch dubbed anime online for free. It let you stream all the anime episodes that are in the Japanese language with English subtitles. What is good then this if you are an anime lover and get the anime with English subtitles. The site has maintained an excellent database that is refreshed from time to time and has a pretty good user interface too.

More than that, the site owners have shown sheer dedication by providing the GoGo Anime app that also streams the anime on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

17. AnimeFreak.Tv

The plethora of Anime is what I call whenever Animefreak comes to mind. Watch the latest anime and other top anime series here. They have a separate category for the latest, popular anime. Browse using the genre tab to get precisely what you were looking for. Not everywhere you get manga to read the latest anime series on the stock. Yes, you can easily read manga online on their new platform. That’s great news for manga readers.

The right sidebar of the website is completely flooded with the list of all anime you can watch on this website. The website has also featured its app for Android devices. As an alert individual, I suggest you not to download any such apps as there might be a risk of malware or other privacy breaches.

18. Animeheaven.eu

One of the premium looking anime streaming sites that look stunning having amazing content and layout. The website boast of having dubbed anime, movies, and subbed version. The ongoing item helps you to track down the current shows that have been added and are available for watching. As soon as you click on any categories, a piece of brief information about the number of episodes, genre and time it was last updated are shown.

The popular section is a good add-on to filter out the best anime series going on the platform. The user of this community is quite active having intriguing discussions on any particular anime. Analyzing the entire site based on its content and accessibility, this is one of the best anime streaming sites mentioned in this article.

19. Animeland.TV

Looking for a website to watch dubbed anime online? Well, Animeland is one such anime website where you can stream anime and download free anime with just one click. When talking about the design, the platform is more likely into the spam category as I was not impressed by how content was featured. There are a few menu items and it’s is quite hard to explore new titles.

As the website claims of dubbed anime, I was able to find many anime series in dubbed and subbed versions. Comparing with other websites,  this site is no exception when showing ads to visitors. I took me 2-3 ad clicks to finally open a title and watch online. Having said that, the platform is worth trying if you are looking for a backup plan.

20. Animedaisuki.moe

After the popular anime website Daisuki was shut and went offline last year, we as an anime lover were looking for a similar platform. Thanks to this recently discovered website, now watching anime series are way easier than before.  Animedaisuki is your destination for HD quality anime series. The website offers two mirror links, if one gets corrupt, you always have the second option.

Unlike other streaming platforms, animedaisuki lets you download the anime episodes. The download option is well visible at the bottom of the video player. The left sidebar of the website list all the current airing series. The database of the website also has some Adult content in anime form. The website also lets you join discord where you can voice and video call with many like-minded people.

21. Animepahe.com

Here is our new contribution to the list of best anime streaming sites available. Simplicity and easy to track shows, this is what Animepahe is. Unlike other websites, which are dumped with multiple categories and menu, this specific anime platform has only a single menu that lists all the anime series available to watch. The alphabetically sorted anime listed makes it easy to find any anime you are planning to watch. The main selling point of this website is the ability to stream full HD anime. With anime content, one also gets an anime recommendation from the smart algorithm of the platform.


Q1: Where can I watch anime online?

Ans: Crunchyroll, Hidive, Viewster, Yahoo view are a few good websites to watch anime. 9anime and kissanime have a huge list of anime but these are not legal.

Q2: Is it legal to stream and watch anime online?

Ans: Yes, it’s completely legal and safe. Make sure you are watching it on a popular legit platform we have linked to. Anime subscription on Crunchyroll, Animelab cost only a few bucks. Even Netflix and Hulu have a decent collection of anime series.

Q3: Is Crunchyroll free & safe?

Ans: Crunchyroll is the Netflix of Anime world. It’s completely safe and legal. A part of Crunchyroll is free. You can access all the content once you get a premium subscription.


This is what we have researched & found while searching for finding out the best site to watch anime online. These are the best anime streaming sites working well in almost all countries. If you do not like to spare your money, sites like Animelab, Crunchyroll, Viewster are legal & worth your visit. If you do not bother about the money and want to hit a premium membership, you can prefer Daisuki and Crunchyroll. What are you waiting for? Bookmark our blog for more updates and hit these anime sites and watch anime for free.


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