20+ Free Sites To Watch TV Shows & Series Online

My obsession with TV shows started way back in childhood. The TV set and hours of the running show based on crime, action, thriller, and cartoons. Time changed, and so does the standard of cinema. The series created now are more intriguing and nail-biting. Instead of TV now we can watch TV shows online. Gone are those days when cable sets were mandatory to sneak into any channel. Though television sets are going toward the Ultra 4K display, movie fanatics love to chill around with Laptops and the internet. Cable sets are now becoming obsolete as popular streaming sites changed the whole game.

The luxury to stream whenever and wherever is something everyone wants to experience. Proper research and selection made us comply with a list of top free sites to watch TV shows online. You just need to swap your finger and choose the best website. In fact, you can stream series and movies on Android apps instead of using a PC or laptop. So better to choose a trusted and valuable site. To share your burden, we’ve compiled a list of free TV  websites to watch shows and they are quite impressive

List of Websites To Watch TV  Shows Online For Free


1. Tubi TV

watch series online on TubiTV

TubiTV is absolutely free place to watch TV shows and popular movies online without paying a dime. While searching for its origin, I found that this streaming platform has backing from many giants who push content on its website. TubiTV striving to bring online content to viewers for free. Their commitment is clear as their official apps are already out for Android and iOS. Tubi TV also works on smart devices like Roku, Firestick and smart TV.

There are numerous categories to choose content from, but most appealing according to me is “Not on Netflix”. The website looks quite impressive. One can stream free TV shows and movies online. Now the site has made registration mandatory but it’s completely free to use. Watch all the content like shows, movies, and anime.

2. Vudu

Owned by Walmart, Vudu is a streaming and content renting platform where users can watch TV shows online by paying renting fees. Occasional sales make it cheap to own a copy of your favorite content. Vudu also offers over 600 free TV shows and 1000s of movies with ads. When compared with any other streaming platform, Vudu content has quality with quantity. Simply filter out the content from the header section and all the free TV shows are displayed with a featured image. Select the content an start watching.

It works flawlessly on Android, iOS, and Windows. Also, the Vudu service might not be available all over the globe. It mainly operates in the US. If you are willing to fetch money, you can definitely buy any content available.

3. Snagfilms

snagfilms TV shows

Snagfilms could be your destination if you have a love for classic content. Yes, they have independent movies and TV shows as their primary and only content. Shows from various categories like Kids and family, history, comedy, Nature and wildlife could be watched. When compared with Tubi TV, It lacks on quality of content. Don’t expect to get the latest TV shows and movies.

Documentaries and knowledgeable content are what this platform thrives on. One of the best platforms to watch TV shows online and documentaries based on real-world issues. Being a legit and free platform, it has support for modern devices like Android, iOS, Roku, Windows, Sony, etc. Casting and watching content on TV won’t an issue.

4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix_TV content

Not as large as sites mentioned above but it’s legal website to watch TV shows with support to all modern platforms. I’d suggest this site for movies than watching TV shows online. Titles are limited and the content is classic. Series are divided into few categories with shows displayed with vertical thumbnails. The navigating site is made easy, thanks to the good interface design.

Well, if you are looking for a modern website with classic content, then do check this site to watch TV shows online. Also, as per my recent visit, I found that the website has gone under the complete site redesign. Now it looks more premium and content-rich.

5. ShareTV

ShareTV Homepage

Share TV is known to be an online community where one can watch TV shows online free without any third-party intervention.  This platform helps the users of the website to keep a track of the shows that are being aired along with the new episodes of the shows that one loves to watch. HULU.com is the distribution partner of ShareTV which enables the website in listing the whole episodes that can be viewed by the users online.

Some of the genres are Action and Adventure, Comedy, Anime and Cartoon, Drama, Classics, Crime, Reality Shows, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and Soaps. All the content could be explored and filter using the header menu. Once you search or explore the section shows titles and sources where you can watch them are listed. This is what Share TV is all about. The channels of Live TV, E-Learning, and Karaoke can be enjoyed from the same.

6. Crackle

free TV shows section on crackle

Crackle is a US-based streaming service by Sony. Like any other platform, crackle is completely free for watching series, movies, and uncut videos. With support for a modern platform like Android and iOS, one can watch on the device of choice. No need for registration to watch TV shows and movie, but it has its own perks. Save videos to your watch later list which makes tracking content lot kore easier. Just find the show title and start watching, but you need to sit for breaks as this is how they incur their fees.

Though sign-up is not mandatory but recommended for a personalized experience. All the content is organized under genres like thriller, comedy, action, romance. All the videos are kept for a certain number of days. New content gets added while the old one gets removed regularly. The only downfall of this website is that it doesn’t have HD content for streaming. For a good streaming experience, 720p is the least quality one should be able to stream on.


IMDB TV website

IMDBTV is an ad-supported Amazon streaming venture that offers movies and TV shows within US terrority. It works great if you have Amazon firestick, Tablet or Prime account. Users can also stream directly from their official websites using a web browser. Although you need to create an IMDB  account first before you can start watching free shows and movies.

The shows are delivered to the target audiences from various genres. With this service, Amazon has used the concept of pushing content through the digital platform very well. Content available on IMDB TV can give any paid service run for their money. Less number of ads, original content and crisp video quality have created a space for IMDB TV.

8. Youtube

No doubt youtube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms in the world. Realizing its present and future potential, many content creators are more eager to unveil their content on Youtube rather than in TVs. In recent times there are lots of TV series, Web series, short movies and documentaries that are dedicated to the online audience. You can watch TV shows free like web series, TV series, and sketches.

As the content is growing exponentially on Youtube, you can watch many popular series online Such search for the title you want to watch and there are high chances that the series is already available to binge-watch. I’ve been following many shows that were broadcasted on television many years ago while the full episodes are also available on Youtube.

9. Hotstar

watch TV series on hotstar

Hotstar is an entertainment channel owned by Star India Pvt Ltd. It consists of TV shows, Movies, Sports event from the group of channels managed by the Star group.  Hotstar is a complete package that has gained popularity among people as it’s the only website to watch live tv, sports, movies and TV shows under a single name. Apart from hot smoking English TV shows, Hotstar also offers content that is hard to find even on a platform like Netflix. It’s a great destination to watch TV shows online for free and even a premium subscription comes for INR 299/month for all the content available on their platform.

Support for different languages and a variety of content makes it a good choice for web geeks. Get detail information about hotstar. I personally prefer Hotstar to watch premium & popular series over any other site due to their serious content progress over the year. Also, their sports section is the best one can ever imagine. Indeed the best website to watch TV shows being Indian or English sitcom.

10 Flixtor.to

The best sites to watch TV shows free, Flixtor is truly a gem when talking about a perfect destination to watch full-length TV shows. Having content ranging from the latest movies to TV series, you can eventually download the content too. Having all the content and design spot on, the only issue is the availability. The site may not be accessible from several regions. This problem could be solved using an unlimted VPN app for mobile or proxy addon for chrome.

Unlike other sites that run on multiple domains, Flixtor is limited to only one TLD. The website also has an Android app available in the grey market, but it’s quite a risk to download apps from such unauthentic sources. Do let us know if this platform is up to your expectations.

11.  Watchepisodeseries.su

The best and highly recommended website for people who love to watch TV shows online and. The content of this website is so humungous that it can even outrank many premium services. The paradise for people who love to watch shows, the site has been divided into 4 major categories/sections.  One section maintains the schedule of upcoming TV series while another list down the popular series you can binge online.

There are more than 20+ genres one can pick the title from. While streaming your favorite show, you can also chat with other users and discuss the newly released content. The idea of creating such a masterpiece is dedicated to TV shows & series lovers. The ad-free experience is something we can only experience with premium service but this platform is an exception.

12. fmovies.tips

Just switch to the category, find your show/movie in the list, download or stream it online in any resolution of your choice, all for free. Just make sure that you have good internet connectivity to join this network and start enjoying free TV series online. If you are looking for a mind-blowing platform to revive your favorite TV series memories, Bmovies can definitely be a priority. There are lots of proxies running if the current website is not accessible in your region. Do make a note that Fmovies is not a legit website  to watch TV shows online. There are lots of legal options you can try.

It not only deals with the TV series but also provides free access to movies (with the latest to the most famous ones). It has classified its blog into different sections to simplify things for its users. Bmovies is the new name of Fmovies as many fans are getting confused. Hopefully, you will find all the popular series here.

13. Watchseries.io

With more than 10+ clone sites are running under the watchseries.io banner. The site came to existence many years ago just to quench the thirst of many TV series lovers. The site has more than 500+ popular series you can search and watch instantly. Among a few websites to watch TV shows online, watchseries.io is completely dedicated to series & drama, nothing else.

As there are many proxies,  it might get hard to find the working website. We have collected all indexed and popular platform where you can enjoy any series of your choice. There might a case when one domain is blocked in one region while rest might work. So, do check out all the listed URLs.

14. Xmovies8.Is

One of the best websites when it comes to watching TV series or movies online. This is an absolutely amazing website where you can watch all the latest TV series online. The best thing about this is that it has a really amazing and catchy interface where you’ll find the latest releases at the top and other things in descending order (date). The whole content is divided into two categories, i.e, Movies & series.

All you need to do is to select the quality and start downloading it for free. This website, like other similar websites, does not store any files on its server, rather it engages non-affiliated third-parties to provide this stuff to its users. The platform has gone with a complete redesign to make the website load faster than before. The anime section is quite lit too, and one can watch popular anime online or even download anime with just a click.

15. Yesmovies.zone

This website is something contradictory to what its name suggests. It is not only famous for dealing with major movie hits but also provides a TV series catalog to access anytime with a simple login. Just open the series section (at the top) and search your favorite TV series anytime.

You can watch it online or can download it as well with good internet speed. It bears high-quality content mainly (720p or 1080p) which makes it an extra reliable and famous site to watch TV shows online. I personally advise checking this platform at least once. Though it’s not a legit source, it has been successful over the years.

16. Watchepisodes4.com

As the name suggests, it’s one of the best websites to watch TV shows online without downloading. With the tremendous interface and huge content library, this is heaven for all streamers. The site is sheer dedicated to TV shows and one can find almost all types of shows. The website doesn’t ask to signup for streaming & download. If you want to track shows and chat with other members then you enjoy all these features after signing up.

The black theme with a rounded thumbnail of series looks simple and easy to navigate.  The best part is the menu bar where one can find a series on a go. Decide on the new show or the popular one. Schedule let you track all the upcoming and available shows.

17. Vumoo.cc

Another good site to watch the latest shows & seasons with thousands of TV shows and movies which you can watch online anytime with absolutely no hassle at all. You might be thinking of a jammed server with the thousands of movies reference, but this is not so. It is a completely responsive site in which you can operate using your smartphones or any other similar device. It’s among very few websites that have clutter-free design and smooth scroll.

Just browse the list through the categories (provided) or simply search the stuff to find it within seconds of time. Select the quality you want and you can watch that show/movie online, or can even download it for free.

18. Seehd.uno

If you don’t have a phone which can support heavy stuff but is smart, you can use it anytime to download movies/TV series from Seehd. It’s one of those TV series sites which are regularly updated with the trending stuff (shows and movies) to meet the timely requirements of their users. The files here bear exceptional quality, mainly HD, to ensure the best user experience. Unlike legal websites like TubiTV, Vudu, this one is full of ads and popups. Try to get a good ad blocker before you start exploring something.

The files here bear exceptional quality (mainly HD) to ensure the best user experience. Just search your favorite TV series and start watching series or download them without any disruptions from meaningless advertisements in the middle.


Enough is said and discussed. If you are looking for websites to watch TV shows online than enough sites have been mentioned to choose from. Legal or shady, which one to choose? We don’t support shady sites that’s why we don’t link them. All the websites are ranked and listed based on their content, availability, and pros and cons. A website may work in the US while not accessible in other parts of the globe.  This is due to geo-block. A good VPN app on mobile, and extension for chrome might unblock the content.

If you love to enjoy those nail-biting and thrilling moments in HD then look none other than services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Their monthly subscriptions are worth trying when figuring out the best plan for personal use. In case we missed any service which keeps you entertained then do share with us via the comment section.

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