6 Free Unlimited VPN Apps Without Any Limits

It seems like almost every week there’s a front-page news story about somebody’s email getting hacked, identities stolen or privacy exploited. Get used to it: this is our new reality. Once your identity is stolen, it takes years and sometimes more than a decade to recover from an identity theft. So, what can you do to protect yourself? One of the easiest things you can do today is start using a VPN. What exactly is a VPN? A VPN, again a virtual private network, is a means to encrypt, or secure, your data to keep it safe and add a layer of privacy to protect your identity.

A VPN not only allows you to mask your location, it also allows you to access the blocked websites and other media which might be banned in your country. Most of the top VPN apps are quite expensive while the free ones have more ads than the number of web pages you visit. In addition to this, some VPN are paid which only permit to access a few MB of free bandwidth. But there are also VPN apps available on the internet which gives unlimited access to unblock movie site with unlimited bandwidth.

Here we have picked out some of the best VPN  Apps for Android & iOS which will help you keep your data safe while also allowing you to view blocked websites and other media.

Best Free Vpn Apps For Android & iOS Mobile

1. Touch VPN

touch vpn app

Touch VPN works brilliantly for your Android devices cost-free. It also works as a high security, faster speeds, and also torrent friendly. Touch VPN comes with some really cool features which make your browsing to an advanced level. This application is tagged as a ‘free proxy to unblock any sites’. It also comes with ‘connect’ and ‘disconnect’ option which you can choose according to your own preferences and choices. It protects your identity, password, emails, and also your Wi-Fi hotspots from unwanted theft or online robbery. It completely gives high-security protection from the hackers and surveillance. It can also turn your public Wi-Fi into a safe and secure connection to make your browsing more friendly and safe.

This app keeps no usage logs other than the mandatory connection (metadata) logs. Users all over the world enjoy this VPN’s ‘stealth’ servers which work well using its Android app. No credit card required, no plans, truly unlimited. Enjoy the realm of free VPN APPS.

‎Touch VPN — Unlimited Proxy
‎Touch VPN — Unlimited Proxy

2. Hola Unlimited VPN

Hola Unlimited proxy app

The Hola Free VPN Proxy app works much better than the Turbo VPN app with more than over 10 million downloads and 4.5 rating on the Play Store. The key features of this application are that you can install your popular apps and browse various websites which you couldn’t do before, you can then access any website with their new mobile browser, it also gives you to access the internet from any country, and lastly it gives safe, secure, and private browsing in a mobile-friendly way.

With the help of ‘Hola Free VPN Proxy’ app, you can now access to your favorite content with 100% free and safe internet. It also gives the users anonymous and private browsing with unlimited bandwidth. With more than 100 million people enjoying anonymous service, Hola has shown how a free VPN should be. With support for almost every device, one can’t resist himself from experience the free service by Hola.

Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker
Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker
‎Hola VPN Privacy & Security
‎Hola VPN Privacy & Security
Developer: hola
Price: Free+

3. Turbo Vpn App

We love the internet but the internet is tracking everything you do, but with Turbo VPN app on your device, your data are now encrypted in a safe and secure mode. It thus works amazingly on your android devices to unblock websites with unlimited bandwidth. It significantly seeks to offer fast and free surfing over thousands of apps and websites at once. It does have 9 different services with 9 server location which helps you to choose manually or by default. The application also holds 4.6 ratings on the Play Store with more than 5 million download.

One of the primary glitch of this app is that it has a lot of pop-up ads on the device screen when you try to open this app. With lite and a free version, you can go anonymous in just one click. Bypass firewalls and browse restricted sites (legal, though). Enjoy and do share your opinion with us.

4. Vpn Proxy Master

The application works very simply for every user across the globe. It got a couple of option if you want to connect to a specific server in the VIP section and also in the free section. The VIP section is going to have a faster service and more options like a faster connection, no ads, and lastly worldwide servers. The installation of this VPN Mater is very simple along with its connecting process.

The glitches prevail in this app is that it shows a lot of pop-up ads on the device screen which is very annoying to handle at times. The application seeks to offer to access blocked sites, one tap to connect, and worldwide server. It requires no registration or sign-up process you can access to anything you want with unlimited bandwidth.

5. X-VPN


Some of the apps available on the internet require a monthly or a yearly subscription but this application, however, does not require such formalities. This is the best part of this app that it cost nothing and it gives you free, safe, and high security browsing with unlimited access. With this app, you can now change the location of your IP address which can thus protect your location online. It offers you with several free servers to choose according to your needs and preferences.

Another thing that this VPN does is that if you are on a certain Wi-Fi network that blocks out websites it gives you quick access to it by unblocking that specific website of your choice. It thus gives you surfing securely and privately, dedicated server for fast streaming, and lastly 8 protocols to choose from.

6. Vpn Robot

VPN robot

VPN Robot enables users to bypass the restricted websites and to get access to all files and media without any fee. It is absolutely free and due to its global servers it is usually fast and accessible. VPN Robot has about 2410 servers working around the world to prevent traffic. It also prevents third-party cookie and automated algorithm tracking like the other apps of this kind available in the market. Thus making this software reliable, safe and user-friendly. With its advanced features and free service, VPN Robot is unarguably the best available in the market. It is supported by android, version 1.0.2 and is vastly popular amongst its users.


I’ve used touch Vpn, Hola, and expressvpn paid version. If I get to free VPN App then Touch VPN will be my first choice. For paid I’ll suggest you expressvpn as I’m having quite a good experience with it. Awesome support and quality service are worth your money. I’ll keep this list updated with new free services. Give thumbs up and share this article. Keep reading, keep sharing.


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