Transfer Data From Android To IOS Device

Are you going to change your smartphone? If yes, then certainly you would love to have all your contacts, photos, videos, music and apps and other data to your new device. Now there are a number of methods available by which you can easily do this hectic transfer work automatically. You don’t need to write every name of your contacts and then number on your new phone.

This is the era of advanced smartphone. As you know, when we switch over an iPhone to other one, automatically we find all our things on the new iPhone. Thanks to Apple for providing wonderful platform iCloud over to air sync facility. But if we talk about other phone the case is not the same. You cannot totally moves all the things like your OS dependent text message and call history etc. But it is quite easy to move all your contact, files, photos, and videos from your Android to iPhone. In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can transfer your contacts, files, photos, music and apps from android to iPhone.

Transfer Data To IOS

First requirement: You should have a Google account on your android phone, although that can also be done only through iPhone.

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Method: 1

All your android phone contacts are associated with your Google account by which you are logged in. So migrating your android contacts from android to iPhone is a bit easy than other thing. In your android phone

  • Go to Settings. Choose “Accounts and Sync”.
  • Enter your Google account details.
  • Enable synchronization.

Now move back to your new iPhone.

  • Navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and add your Gmail account.
  • Contacts should be enabled for this Google account.

All your Google contacts will now appear on your iPhone contact list.

Moving Data To IOS

Method: 2

Method 1 will work in almost all cases. For being double sure, please do the following thing.

  • Navigate to Settings ->Mail, Contacts, Calendars ->Add Account
  • Now select other -> Contacts -> Add Card Dav Account
  • Now please enter the below details into the fields, then do “Next”
  • Server:
  • User Name: Please enter your full Google Account or Google Apps email address ([email protected])
  • Password: Your password(*******)
  • Provide the description of the account (e.g. Personal Contacts).
  • Now, Select Next on top of your iPhone screen. “Contacts” option should be turned ON.
  • Now sync should start. Now go to default contact app to check progress.

Method: 3

It is also known as Swap SIMS method.

Requirement: This trick will only work if you have a same sized sim you are going to use on iPhone, on your previous android phone.

Move all contacts from phone to sim. Now insert your sim to iphone. Now navigate to Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Import SIM Contacts.

Method : 4 (Through an external App)

I believe that all above mentioned method should work. In some exceptional circumstances you can try this one. Use app like Copy My Data, a free app for Android and iOS, to transfer your contacts.

App to Transfer Data From Iphone to IOS

Options with the Copy My Data app,

There are two options: one of which involves Google Drive and one that syncs via WiFi. Choose as per your comfort.

Transfer Photos and Videos from Android to iPhone

Method: 1

I am assuming that you’ve already set up and activated your new iPhone and also connected to iTunes.

Choose your iPhone from the left sidebar in iTunes. Now navigate to Photos->Sync photos->Chose folder.

Now select the android data folder which contents all of your android photo.

That’s it. This folder will now appear on you iPhone Photo.

Method: 2

Above process can be made easy with third party apps. Some are listed below

Steps are user friendly. So just follow the onscreen steps. And you will find that folder in your iphone photos app.

Transfer Music from Android to iPhone 

This is the most hectic in all above. As there are no direct app which does the work for you. But as you know transferring music on iPhone is not that easy as it is in android. So what you need to do here is just select the music folder from your android device. Add this folder to itunes library. Now select your iphone in the itunes then go to music in that. Now choose the option sync music. All the files which are present in itunes music library will be sync to your iphone music app.

If also use free music streaming site like sound cloud, Pandora or Beat Music, you can also do the same on iPhone. You will find almost all the app for iPhone also. Just go to the app store and install your favorite app. Now logging to that music streaming app you will find all your personalization there too.

Transfer Apps from Android to iPhone

Topmost hardest thing when you switch from android to iPhone. If you have buy an app on google play store you will likely to buy this on app store too.  This is the bad side of the story. The good thing of this story is you can find you customized setting on every app after login.

I Hope this tutorial would have help you to transfer your Contacts, Photos, Videos, Music and Apps from Android to iPhone. If you have any query or problem related to transferring the data, please feel free to tell us in comments.


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