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There is no other opinion in the fact that books are the sources of immense knowledge and are considered to be the best friend of humankind. Since technology has evolved into a better phase, it has completely transformed the way of reading books. Books nowadays are available in an electronic format known as eBook. Traditional hard bound books are sometimes not handy because of the weight, but eBooks fit right inside your mobile phone. Instead using paper made of wood, it uses the technology to fetch you digital pages.

So, out of courtesy or by choice you have downloaded many eBooks but you are still not aware of the eBook reading apps that will be worth to occupy the space of your device and provide you with the ultimate reading experience. In this post, I will put light on some of the best apps that deserve to be installed on your phone. These ebook reader Apps for Android will make your reading experience more pleasant and hassle free.

best ebook reader apps

Best eBook Readers Apps For Android

Like a component requires an engine to drive on, same way e-Book readers work as an engine to run on. So, guys are you on the verge of deciding the best eBook reader for your device. Want to download an eBook reader app that will be fruitful for you? No issues. Check these apps and feel good.

1. Amazon Kindle

Most of the eBook lovers are already aware what a Kindle is. To provide all the features of a Kindle without actually owning a Kindle, Amazon launched this app. This is a multi-platform app that supports immensely useful features. You can access millions of books at your fingertips. This does not matter much whether you want to read a magazine, a newspaper, an eBook or a novel, you can access all these using this app without having a need to own a Kindle.

You can choose from millions of free Kindle books to read. You can read a sample before making a decision to purchase the book. You can sync your books to the new account. The most important thing that I liked about the app was I was able to customise the reading – text size and fonts. The dictionary support is a feature that I think everyone would require.

The only thing I found missing was I was unable to control the book I was reading with the volume key. If this feature also gets added, there is no competitor for this app. Besides stringent expectations from the fans, this app holds the current rating around 4.1 stars.

Download Kindle

2. Google Play Books

Google Play books are the inbuilt default eBook reader app for Android where you can interact with the Google store to find the magazine, comic, or a novel of your choice. You can also read the preview before buying paid books. Now, talking about the technology the app has, it was unbelievable for me when I found this app actually adjusting the brightness and colour to save my eyes from excessive bright exposure.

This is a new innovation put up by Google Play books called as Night Light that actually use hues of amber based on the available natural sunlight to filter out the blue light (the culprit), and therefore reduces eye strain. More than that you will be able to use the volume keys to turn to previous or next page.

You can read the books while you are offline and you can also upload the eBooks in EPUB and PDF format and enjoy reading them using the app.

Download Google Books

3. Wattpad – Free Books

Well, this app ranks high regarding popularity and good ratings. It holds exceptionally high rating of 4.6. With this kind of score, we can easily imagine the kind of features this app is providing. The innovation this app has put up deserves a try. You will get millions of free stories by A1 authors in the palm of your hands. After reading the stories, you can comment on them to share your experience reading them.

You can search the database for free reads. The app provides you comfortable reading experience. You can follow stories and get updates for the new chapters. You can save the stories to your library. You can reveal the hidden talent inside you and write up your story too. If you have a story, just write it up and tell them all. If you are very active in participating in creative activities, this app is for you.

Download Wattpad

4. FB Reader Free

FB Reader is another popular Android e-Book reader that supports many file formats like MOBI, DOC, EPUB, RTF, HTML and DOC. This app does not have cloud connectivity as it does not have any attached Bookstore like other apps have but this app deserves to be on this list because it has high rating on Google Play store and is highly customizable.

It does have an attached browser using it, you can search for books and download them online. You can tweak text size colour, font, background, animation, hyphenation margins and many more things. It also has external dictionary support.

Download FB Reader

5. Aldiko Free

Aldiko is another smooth eBook reader app for Android that supports Abode DRM encrypted, PDF and EPUB eBook formats. With the library management function, you can use tags and collections to manage your eBook. You can customise font size, margins, brightness, page layouts, fonts and colours in this app. The free version is superb but sometimes ads may irritate you which is absent in the paid version. If you use paid version of this app, you will get many more features unlocked like you can add notes and highlights and will enjoy the app ad free.

Download Aldiko

Conclusion: Kindle and Google play are highly recognised apps that you can use for reading books. On the other hands, apps like Wattpad will surprise you. FB Reader and Aldiko are offline apps that contain many tweaks a tech lover would require.

The bottom line: Use these apps to have a beautiful eBook reading experience packed with innovative features. Do write your experience to us.

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