Top 5 Free Softwares To Create Hotspot In Any Windows PC

The Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, and we know that it is practically impossible to stay without it. But it is becoming a very tiring task to ensure that there is Internet connection always, especially when we live in a country like this, where the services provided by public WiFi have failed to fix their base.

Most people prefer to share the internet connection with the help of the WiFi hotspot. This feature has now started to make a lot of sense, considering the fact that all the laptops and computers now have the inbuilt Wifi. The smartphones come with features with the help of which a person can share their Internet with someone else with the help of the hotspot. Is there any software to create Hotspot in windows?

Unfortunately, the Windows computers do not come with any such feature, which has made things really hard for the users. Given below are a list of the software that will allow you to create a WiFi hotspot in any windows PC.

Free Softwares For Creating Wifi Hotspot In Windows 7/8/8.1/10

1. My WiFi Router

My Wifi Router Software

My WiFi Router is one of the most popular free software that is available for creating a hotspot in your personal computer. This software is supported in Windows XP, 7, and 8. The software is designed not only for the computers having the 32-bit architecture but also for the ones having the 64-bit architecture.

My WiFi Router is known to provide a number of other features as well other than converting it into a hotspot. These features include the easy management of the devices that are connected, blacklisting devices, or changing names of devices. Users can easily restrict a few devices so that they do not steal the speed of the browser. Users are able to share videos using the WiFi connectivity from the browser of your smartphone. My WiFi Router is a very productive tool. The elements contained by this software are minimal which can be understood easily.

2. MaryFi

MaryFi is another very popular software that is used by a number of people in order to turn their desktops into WiFi hotspots. MaryFi is available for free, and it helps in creating a hotspot and thereby allow the users to share their Internet connection. This software is supported in Windows 7. MaryFi also has a user interface which is minimal, so the features can be used very easily.

So, if you are looking for a hotspot creator that is trusted, you should definitely go for MaryFi. MaryFi can also be used as the WiFi repeater, which allows you to extend the range of the WiFi in your home or your workplace.

3. MyPublicWiFi

MypublicWifi Windows Software

MyPublicWiFi is a very famous software that is used by many people. This is very easy for using and helps in creating a WiFi hotspot. The features that this software has are very simple. It is supported in Windows 7 and 8, and the Windows Server 2008. This software is supported in both the 32-bit architecture and the 64-bit architecture. The software is known to work very smoothly on the Windows devices.

The features that this software has enables the users to have a knowledge about the devices that are connected to the hotspot. The URL logging allows the users to get all the websites that were accessed. You can also make use of the WiFi repeater for extending the signal of the WiFi hotspot. This is one of the best software for creating a WiFi hotspot.

4. mHotspot

mHotspot has gained a lot of popularity over the years and it is being used by a huge section of people. It is one of the best software when it comes to creating a hotspot and make your personal computer work as an important Internet source. This software is very easy for use, and the users are allowed to choose any name that they want for the hotspot, create a password, and select the source of Internet. Users can even select the maximum number of clients that they want to associate with the hotspot.

mHotspot works smoothly in Windows 7 and 8. There can be almost ten clients added, and along with that, you can even put restrictions on certain devices. The details about the connected devices and the resources consumed can be tracked by the user as well. mHotspot is a very nice software, and it has numerous features. The best feature of this software is that the Internet source can be selected before the WiFi hotspot is created by the user.

5. Connectify

Connectify is also a very renowned software that is even used by the professionals to create a WiFi hotspot on the personal computers. Like all the other software, Connectify also has a huge range of features. The only difference that is there is that Connectify is not a fully freemium software. Users are required to pay a certain amount of money to be able to use some of the elite features. But it is completely the choice of the users if they want to pay money or use fewer features.

If users use the plan that is basic, they can easily share the internet connection. The software Connectify is supported in both the Windows 7, Windows 8  and 10PCs. Connectify is undoubtedly a very good software, but if you want to go for all the features for free, it is best to choose the others.


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