Download Paid Apps For Free Android [5 Method]

Most of the times we are stuck with browsing the Google Play store to obtain new apps and games. Probably for many this might have become a plodding task and hence are in desperate need of finding other sites that would bestow you much more options and features than our regular Android store which lets you avail only limited options.  Paid apps come with auxiliary features, and it can ask for exorbitant money from the user. It can also happen that a user wants to try out that particular app before putting in cash to buy it. During such times these websites are beneficial.

Without being redirected to download any paid apps for free, it is essential to change the settings and security. To get paid apps for free, you have to follow the steps as instructed merely. However, to ensure the apps are high in quality it is better than the user goes through the reviews and ratings. It is not rocket science, and if one follows the instruction to T, then it is nothing more than a cakewalk. A little use of brain and the right website will do the magic and you can download any paid app for free on Android. The detailed description of each site is given below.

Google Play Store Alternative To Download Paid Apps Free

1. Blackmart Alpha

blackmart alpha


Blackmart Alpha is one of the best methods by which a person can download paid Android apps for free especially on Android. This can be done by downloading Blackmart Alpha.apk.  Once that is done, we need to install it on our device.  If a person wants to download a particular paid app, then they need to open the file Blackmart Alpha and search for it.  After finishing the procedure, you make sure that the app is downloaded by pressing the download button.

To locate the app on your device, the person has to search for the contents of the SD card holder.  In there the person will find a folder named Blackmart wherein lays the downloaded app.  To start using this app an apk file of that apps needs to be downloaded.  Then the user can enjoy unlimited access to that paid app.

2. 4Shared

Developer: New IT Solutions
Price: Free
  • 4shared Screenshot
  • 4shared Screenshot

There are only a few people who don’t know about this particular website.  This website is amongst the oldest and most preferred site of all times.  This website usually provides beautiful features for its users.  4shared was initially known for producing music, movies, and games.  But now it is also helpful for downloading the paid apps for Android on a free basis.  A person has to sign up on this website to access all these features.

Recently, it has launched a UI for Android apps, that is why it has servers with superfast downloading.  A person can install any paid app which asks for payment and can later download it.  Having a user id for this website helps the user obtain free apps and other features.

3. GetAPK

get apk


This is another app which provides the user to download paid apps for free, but it is significant that the user first apprehends the working of this app.  It is said that the functioning of this app is a bit tedious for the users because the app is not being coded appropriately.  But the reasons why one might still opt for this app is that they keep the past version despite upgrading it at regular intervals.  So, the users can choose any version which suits their convenience.  We will help you understand the downloading process in simple words.

Firstly you have to click on the app where a description is provided for you, go through it and click on the option of GET in case you want it.  After that at the top on the right-hand side, you will see an option as OPEN, click that, and it will redirect to the browser which you use.  In case you get an ad-skip it and download your required file in the browser.  It seems like a lengthy process, but this is one place where you will get both the older as well as, the newer versions of any app.

4. Mobogenie Market



Mobogenie is a genie which will make come true all your wishes.  Google play has one of the versions of this app.  But unfortunately, that is not the entire original version.  If the user is interested in downloading the whole version, then it is only available on the website of Mobogenie.  The best feature of this app is that it does not limit itself to the only application.  It will give its users movies, music, e-books.  Besides, any videos on YouTube can be downloaded on your mobile phone.

It consists of a file manager and a cleaner which would wipe out any junk that munches your storage of the device. Your notification bar will also flash a fancy tab which will give you the weather updates. All of this available to you in one surprise package. Find and download the paid app for free on Android.

5. Google


Yes, you read it right the name says it all; the steps for downloading are quite simple.  Since Google has the solution for everything, it will provide you with tens of option for this particular problem faced by you.  All you need to do is, search for a pro version of the paid app you want to download.  Of course, Google will give you many websites from where you can download paid apps for free without any payment.

After that, the person needs to go through all these websites and choose the one, which suits him the best.  One need not worry about finding the correct site, because, with the availability of numerous options, Google never disappoints you.  When so many options are available in one place, all you need is to have some patience to choose the correct website.

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