10 Mp3 Music Download Sites To Find Royalty Free Music

Music is one of the best methods to calm down the hustle and bustle of everyday lives. However, it is not at all viable for all to have a continuously running internet connection on their devices to stream the songs that they love. Hence, mp3 music download sites are the ones that everyone needs so as to get his/her musical dose every day. There are lots of music downloader apps I’ve talked about. The internet is filled with a number of free music download sites too which provide download facilities of music tracks of all genres for the users but the legality of all these downloads is not vouched. Thus, the netizens need to find some legal sites to download music to stay safe from any sort of legal woes.

There are a number of mp3 music sites across the web which live well up to the purpose. You could use them in your videos, pictures, and presentations. Many unknown artists try to put amazing music skills. Find less popular talents having amazing music. Some of such music download sites are mentioned as under.

10 Websites To Download Mp3 Music For Free Globally

In an era where piracy is heavily penalized, the following are some of the sites that provide the users with free music downloads. The best part about downloading music from these mp3 download sites is that the downloads are completely legal.

1. NoiseTrade

mp3 music download on noisetrade

This is one of the best sites to download free Mp3 music legally. NoiseTrade boasts of a huge library of music tracks from a variety of artists and in a variety of genres. The users simply need to furnish their email address and the zip code so as to get the download link for the zip file of the music album. There are special sections on the site like new albums, top downloads and so on. These sections along with the advanced search feature help the users to get their favourite music tracks very easily. Sharing the music that one loves, is also very easy with NoiseTrade.

2. Free Music Archive

The site is powered by Freeform Radio Station WFMU and offers the users with free and legal mp3 music download. The music collection on the site is sorted as per the song genres which makes it highly convenient for the users to find a track. The collections on the site are also depicted on their blogs which even adds to the ease with which the users can find their tracks. The downloads can be carried out without creating an account on the site.

However, getting an account can help the users to interact with others and also save their favourite tracks into collections. The website looks old school but serves the purpose of the demand.

3. Jamendo

Jamendo Homepage

This is one of the mp3 music download platforms where the artists have decided to provide their tracks for free to the users without charging anything. This makes the downloads on the site free from legal woes. This is termed as Creative Commons licensing. There are certain sections on the site like most popular, most played, most downloaded, latest releases, etc.

The users can make use of keywords or the artist names to get the music track of their choice on the site. The site also offers several radio channels for the user. Any track that the user likes on the radio can be instantly downloaded. Jamendo also has apps for popular mobile platforms.

4. Internet Archive’s Audio Library

Internet Archive’s Audio Library is a mine for all those who are willing to download music with simple steps. It has millions and millions of tracks all from different genres, movies, albums, concerts, radio programs, etc. all on one platform. The users also need to follow very simple steps to download the tracks of their choice.

Apart from all the regular features that the normal mp3 music download sites provide, it provides some additional facilities like sorting of the music, etc. One of the best parts of this site is that unlike the other sites, users can download the music tracks in multiple file formats and not just mp3.

5. PureVolume

PureVolume music download site

The site does not require the users to create accounts so as to download the songs that they desire. The music tracks can be easily downloaded directly into the mp3 formats without creating an account on the site. PureVolume has a pretty good collection of music tracks all sorted into several genres and categories.

Some of the categories include top songs, top downloads, featured songs, artists, etc. The new releases are available on the site in a very short time which makes it one of the best mp3 music download sites to look in to for the new song releases.

6. ARTISTdirect

This is a platform where the users can get both paid and free music but all the downloads on the site are completely legal. The users can also get music streaming services from the site. The music on the site is all sorted into a variety of genres. The site makes use of a highly efficient search option which makes the site highly usable by the people. People can get music tracks from a variety of genres like rock, latin, pop, etc. and the wide variety of available songs makes it one of the most frequented sites for free music downloads.

7. Last

last.fm for music download

Apart from providing legal and free mp3 music download for the users, the site also has simple streaming facilities for them. So, the users can just stream the songs that they like if they do not want to download the track. There are tonnes of tracks assorted into genres and categories. The downloading of a music track is quite easy and can is done with just a few clicks. The site also provides the users with great music recommendations basing upon their past searches.

8. CCTrax

The site provides the user with downloading any music file that they like in any type of file formats including a FLAC format. The users can also download the whole album at once on this site. There are a huge number of albums and songs on the site which is facilitated with an integrated search option for the accessibility of the users. the songs are also sorted into a variety of genres. The users do not need to create any accounts so as to download the songs from the site.

9. SoundCloud

Soundcloud content

It is one of the most revered names when it comes to the free download of the songs and music. It allows users to stream and download music without any legal hassles. The platform is used by the artists to upload their own tracks and they allow the users to download their works without the necessity to pay any kind of charges. The users need to follow simple steps which might include liking a Facebook page etc. to get the active download link for the music file that they like.

Though the platform is more of exploring one, there are many artists who let others download their songs for free. Don’t expect the latest music but you can definitely expect quality content.

10. SoundClick

The site is a one-stop solution to find a huge variety of music tracks from both renowned growing musicians. The platform can also act as a social networking platform where the users can create their own custom radio stations, get to know about their favorite artists, interact with other listeners, etc.

The site offers download facilities for most of the songs while some can only be streamed while some others can be downloaded only after the payment has been done. The artists themselves allow the users to download the music files and hence downloads that are made on this site are completely legal.


The above-mentioned mp3 music download sites come as a rescue for all those who wish to download their favourite music tracks without much hassle and any legal issues. All these sites provide the users with a wide variety of content and also provide them with a number of features that would be helpful in enhancing their musical experience.

The users can also find the music tracks from a number of growing artists which are really hard to find on any other sites. Most of the sites also have features like sharing, creating own playlist, etc. which even makes downloading music from these music download sites even more enjoyable.

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