Top 5 Download Manager For Android Devices

There are times when we are downloading a large file and it doesn’t get downloaded due to one reason or the other. It might be that due to slow internet download failed, or by mistake, you closed the window and the download got canceled.

Downloading a large file on any PC or laptop is really easy, convenient, and fast as the internet is filled with loads of third-party software and browser extensions for making your life easier.However, the same cannot be said for Android devices as downloading a large file on any Android device is nothing less than a headache. The download fails due to several uncomfortable issues such as not being able to resume the download if the internet speed is low or the connection fails.

There is an easy solution for such problems and it is called as Download Manager. There are several amazing download managers that you can find on Google Play Store and install on your Android device. Download Managers will allow you to smoothly download any large file while giving you the same experience that you get on a PC.

5 Android Download Manager You Should Try

1. Advanced Download Manager

Android Download Manager is a wonderful download manager app which you can use on any Android platform. It allows you to download any file in three different parts and each part provides a certain download speed. The user can easily select the maximum download speed for the respective parts.

One of the best features of this download manager is that even if the connection gets lost, the download resumes automatically once the data connection is back. This download manager also has a built-in web browser which gives you the option of searching files.

If any download link isn’t direct, this app will automatically open its web browser to get alternative fresh links. It also supports web browsers such as Chrome, Boat, and Dolphin browser. Additionally, the files are saved according to their types in different folders. Some of the other features of Advanced Download Manager are:

  • Backup all the downloaded files on your SD card.
  • Widget on the home screen of your device.
  • Accelerate the downloads via multithreading.
  • Get a notification after your download completes.

2. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager is another really good Android download manager which not only allows you to download huge files but it allows you to download them at 5 times more speed than normal. It uses multiple HTTP connections for accelerating the download speed of the files. For increasing the download speed, you can increase the maximum connections per download.

You can even modify the buffer size in the settings menu of the manager and optimize the download speed. Similar to other download managers, TDM provides you the feature of resuming the interrupted downloads.Some of the other features of TDM are:

  • Supports downloads of files with unlimited file size.
  •  Check the progress in the background.
  •  Notification after completing of downloads.

3. Easy Downloader Pro

When Easy Downloader Pro was launched for the first time, users were amazed by its simplicity, effectiveness, and efficiency. It was a nice and easy startup wizard which shows you how to download files on this app and you get to select if you want to download using 3G, Wi-Fi, or any other network. It also comes with browser support for Firefox, Dolphin, etc.Other features of Easy Downloader Pro include:

  • Download two or more files simultaneously at a speed of at least 50%.
  • Pause the download and resume it later.
  • Supports download for as much as 10 files at the same time.
  • Check the download via a progress bar and receive notifications when the download is complete.
  • Multiple protocols help support multiple files.

4. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus or DAP is a free download manager which comes with support for almost every type of file including applications (apk), music (MP3, OGG, WAV), archive (RAR, ZIP), video (WMV, FLV, AVI, MP4), and documents (DOC, XLS, PPT). You can download any type of file at an incredibly fast speed. This download manager splits the file into multiple parts and uses multi-thread download which helps boost the download speed of the files.

It allows you to download multiple files at once or you can even add them to a queue and download them later. Any file that is downloaded gets saved to the SD card by default. Some other features of DAP include:

  • You can auto-catch the links whenever you copy them to the clipboard or open any downloadable link
  • Resume the corrupted downloads automatically.
  • Built-in web browser that comes with support for multiple tabs, bookmarks, and history.
  • Smart error handling feature prevents download thread’s interruption.

5. Loader Droid Download Manager

The Loader Droid Download Manager is a great download manager that comes with download support for several types of files. Using this download manager, you can download any app, image, video, music, document, etc.Similar to ADM, this download manager also divides the downloaded file into 3 different parts which improve the download speed. All the download files can be resumed in case they stop due to some reason.You can even pause and resume the download later.

The most impressive feature of this app is that it automatically pauses the download when the connection is lost and after the connection comes back, it automatically resumes the download.Some other features of LDDM include:

  • Automatically recognizes download links.
  • Download files simultaneously or schedule downloads for later.
  • Dark and Light themes available.


I’m currently using ADM download manager for managing all my downloads. The drawback of not able to resume failed downloads in Chrome made me install ADM and it’s working phenomenally good.DAP is also a good choice if you are looking something ADM. Hope this helped you in making the right downloader choice.