5 Best Browsers For Android Device

The Internet is a broader term that means the global interconnection of computers and has become an integral part of our life these days. The modern era and fast paced life have changed our lives in a way that we cannot imagine our life without the internet. It contains a lot of useful stuff that can be accessed very easily at our fingertips. If need to perform a particular task on an internet or wish to access information stored on it. All we need is a good web browser smart enough to handle our requirements and provide a good interface between the web and the users.

Speed, security, and fidelity are the three main parameters a browser must possess to meet the needs of today’s hi-tech web infrastructure. A browser should be strong enough to provide fast browsing by smartly handling the load without compromising with the security with an effective web traffic management.

If we are using an android phone, we expect a lot from the browsers, like responsive experience, speedy and should have good features integrated with it. It should smartly handle all downloads and provide blazing fast browsing speeds. As a matter of fact, Android has a number of apps to browse the web, but for sure, it is in your hands to choose the best and not to regret.

best Android Browser

In this post, we will make you increase your knowledge about Top Android Browsers, which are best, and how and why they are best.

Best Browsers For Android SmartPhones

1. Google Chrome

Despite the fact that it is android’s default browser, it is blazing fast and promising in its action. It supports multitasking and can manage your downloads smartly and offers Synchronization between the devices. When we see the rating on play store we will find a lot of positive comments and reviews.

Characteristic features :

  • Save Data – reduce the use of phones to data by 50% during navigation.
  • Faster search –pages are loaded quickly and response time from a webpage is less.
  • Voice Search – Use the magic of Google voice search to find answers on the fly without writing.
  • Translate – easily read webpages in any language.
  • Smart gestures – open as many tabs and quickly flip through them by sliding from side to side in the toolbar.
  • Privacy – use incognito mode to browse without saving your history.

[color-button href=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.android.chrome&hl=en”]Download Google Chrome[/color-button]

2. UC Browser

If we talk about speed and privacy we cannot miss UC browser. My every friend personally recommended me to give this a try. When I Installed UC browser, I found that it saves a lot of data and loads the web pages faster along with it has a well manageable download manager and a lot of themes to customize. Fidelity ( fetching data from the web) of the browser is very appreciable.

Features : 

  • Play online videos without delay.
  • Movies and TV show in speed mode.
  • Fast and stable downloads, thanks to our powerful servers.
  • The expansion of AdBlock adapted to the main websites and blocks most ads.
  • Fast and stable Navigation.
  • Fast mode.
  • Facebook mode.
  • Intelligent download mode.
  • Control Videos with gestures.
  • Night Mode.

[color-button href=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.UCMobile.intl&hl=en”]Download UC Browser[/color-button]

3. Opera Mini Web Browser

Whenever we talk about Android browsers, Opera comes into the picture, this is because it was specially built with extensive care for both high-end and low-end devices. Everyone is familiar with the fast and superb Opera Mini which is very good even at 2G networks.

  1. QR codes – Now you can scan and generate QR codes from within Opera Mini.
  2. Selecting languages – Easy to change the language of the browser from the setup menu.
  3. Full web browsing experience –good encryption and compression mechanism ensures a full web experience without using your data allowance.
  4. Keep track of data traffic – check your daily savings of mobile data. We will use much less compared to other web browsers. Internet surfing faster and stretch your data plan.
  5. Browse privately – Browse ninja style with private tabs to prevent browsing history to save on your device.
  6. Smarter Download – download multiple files in the background and postpone downloading large files until you are in Wi-Fi.

[color-button href=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.mini.native&hl=en”]Download Opera Mini[/color-button]

4. CM Browser For Android

It is fast, secure, light in size and trustworthy. It uses less memory to run on, it has a pretty awesome user-friendly interface and is built by CM security team. It will provide you the best experience. It works on 3 S principle as stated below. This one surely is best Android Browser available for free.

Features : 

  • Secure: Malicious & Fraud protection!
  • Speedy: whether you use2G or 3G, the speed of loading webpage Is optimized accordingly.
  • Small: Tiny application size ensures your device continues to run smoothly.

[color-button href=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ksmobile.cb&hl=en”]Download CM Browser[/color-button]

5. Dolphin Browser For Android

Dolphin is quite a fascinating name and the browser gained popularity before any other browser. The performance of this browser was evident from the very first launch which can be seen as 4.5 rating on google play store. None other app has that much rating not even google chrome. It has a variety of add-ons, themes and voice recognition option available.


  • Flash player
  • AdBlock (pop-up blocker)
  • Several tabs bar
  • Markers and accessories sidebar
  • Incognito
  • Custom Search
  • fast download
  • gestures

[color-button href=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser&hl=en”]Download Dolphin[/color-button]

I hope that you like this article on  Top 5 Best Android Browsers  and found the way to browse the web that is right for you. Google play store contains a plenty of web browser apps to download and try but it’s up to you to fetch the best and wisely browse the web. You must have prior knowledge of what features you need and your browsing requirements, then only  you can have a browsing app installed that will meet all your expectations.

We promise to bring more updates to you in future, till then stay curious stay attached.

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