10 Free Unblocked Proxy Sites List Available 2019

Suppose you are watching your favourite series on Netflix and the next day your country is banning the Netflix site. Wouldn’t it be annoying? There are certain websites which get banned in certain areas or countries when it violates certain rules and regulations. But this can’t stop all the people from viewing such websites if they really want to. This is the reason why the concept of VPN and proxy is getting so much popular nowadays. Looking into the privacy and security issues proxy is getting more preference.

Before you pick a proxy website you should be aware of what they are and how it is different from the VPN and how you can be benefited from it. Doing thorough research about the proxy sites is very important otherwise people can fall into difficult situations if the website is not optimally hiding your web address. Websites like torrent have been banned in several countries there are several more websites which are generating huge traffic due to their quality content but have been banned in several countries. The proxy has the power of unlocking any website in no time.

What Are Proxy Sites?

proxy servers mechanism

The proxy sites use the proxy server which will act as the gateway between the internet and the user. It is the intermediate server which separates the end users from certain websites which they are browsing. The proxy server will provide you with different types of functionality, privacy, and security depending on the needs of the person or the company’s policy.

When a person will be using the proxy server then the internet traffic will flow through this proxy server to the distant address which the user is requesting. The work of modern services of proxy offers a lot more than the previous ones which basically did was to forward the web request. It will act both like the web filter and firewall and will provide the required network connection. Having a decent proxy server will help the users to stay away and protected from all the other things which are harmful and are present in wild internet.

How Proxy Server Are Different From VPN?

The two online tools of anonymity are VPN and proxy. The difference between them is the encryption. The proxy will mask the original IP address and will provide you with IP address of some other and will help you to unblock any site. The internet activities which are done by you will not get hidden due to the lack of encryption. So it is basically bypassing the ISP and is connecting you directly to the internet.

The VPN will create the encryption tunnel for transferring the data on the Internet and will keep all your activities hidden from the snoopers. So you are getting anonymity when you are browsing the internet. It will also hide your IP address and allow you to access the restricted websites of your country.

10 Best Proxy Sites To Unblock Blocked Sites

1. Filterbypass

This is a rank one proxy site which is user-friendly and free as well. You can use it for unblocking any website. All you have to do is put the link of the website in the URL box that you want to access, the site will be available to you in another tab. The cookie option is created in such a way that you can clear the cookies set by other websites on your browser.

2. Proxysite

This proxy site has cemented its position in the second. Apart from being completely free it also gives you the opportunity of managing the cookies. So the most interesting part of this website is it gives you the liberty of accessing this website from your mobile browser. It’s among few websites that give choice to select between multiple servers from different countries.

3. kproxy

This website lets you unblock any website easily that is restricted and this is the reason why it is user-friendly. All you have to do is visit the homepage of this website and there you will be provided with the URL box. In the URL box, you will have to paste the link of the website that you want to visit and it will be available to you. One can also install the extension to directly unblock sites without trying to unblock again and again.

4. HidemyAss

If you want to get the most specific results of your searches then this is the right website for you. The website has been systematically designed so that it becomes very easy for every user to browse the website that they want to unblock. You will need to paste the link in the URL box which is visible on the homepage and the site will get unblocked.

5. Croxyproxy

This is one of the most preferred proxy sites because on the homepage you can get the entire information about the proxy servers and the reason to use them. The premium account is preferred for the exclusive fast and ad-free proxy servers.  The premium plan comes with 30 min free trial.

6. whoer.net

This proxy site is available to the people who can pay for it. If you are looking for a professional proxy website for work purpose then this is the best site. You can also explore this proxy site by using the trial period of three days. Since it makes you pay charges for using it so you will be getting more added features.

7. Newipnow

This proxy site is available for free and you can use it for unblocking the restricted sites. Just like few other proxy sites mentioned above when you will open it, on the homepage you can find an URL box where you will have to paste the link of the website which you want to unlock.

8. Sitenable.asia

This proxy site is available for free with a minimum number of ads when compared with popular proxy server available on the internet. The best part of this proxy site is it gives you an option where you can select whether you want the script to get removed or use it. It can easily unblock any restricted site within a fraction of seconds.

9. Hidester

If you’re looking for a proxy server having chrome extension which has simple user interface along with property details of the proxy server then this is the right website for you. You will find an URL box on the homepage of this website. You will have to put the link of the website that you want to unblock and it will be done in a few seconds. This website also provides you with the option of removing cookies.

10. 4everproxy.com

This proxy site may hold the last position in this list but it is quite similar to that of the proxy.org. When you will visit the homepage of this website then you will get all the working or available proxy servers present. You will have to pick one and use it for unblocking any restricted site.

Ending With

By using these proxy websites you will be able to use all the features which proxy provides. If you are picking any other proxy site then you should always check the reviews properly otherwise it can lead to serious problems. To have a transparent idea about the proxy site you can use the free ones first and in the later stages if needed then you can opt for the paid websites. Though it will not bring a huge change.