10 Sites To Find Lyrics of Any Song Available

Can’t keep up the pace with Eminem’s rap? Or having trouble understanding what Beyoncé is singing? Or are you getting ready for karaoke? In these cases or another, song lyrics become essential for everyone: be it native listener or non-native. Indian listeners with a taste of English music use song lyrics sites to understand the core meaning of the song that they failed to grasp at the very first moment. Not even this, native English speakers widely use lyrics websites for sating their curiosity of the new words uttered by Eminem or Beyoncé.

Every day new songs are being released with some slangs of which we have never heard. To get familiar with all this, we say, a good music player having lyrics is a must. In case you aren’t able to figure out the name of the song, then find what song is playing. There are a plethora of such sites for you to find song lyrics. But which one of them is a reliable source is actually hard to tell. Every website has its own feature to attract their viewers. We have researched extensively in the search of the best lyrics websites and here we are with our favorable spin.

Best Websites To Find Song Lyrics Online

1. Azlyrics

azlyrics site

It has lyrics. As simple as that. It just shows lyrics but NOTHING else. Azyrics is a lightning fast and reliable stop to view lyrics in your devices. It works seamlessly with all your devices: your smartphone or your computer. This website is so simple that it runs smoothly on older devices as well. The web design is so plain that we find it no trouble to find and read the lyrics like we were reading it in a textbook.

It is absolutely free. Ergo, it is ad-supported. But web designers of Azlyrics has placed ads so effective that it does not annoy lyrics viewers. The ads are placed only at the top and seldom at the bottom of the webpage. It has been so loved that popular music players like Musixmatch have made it their lyrics database. The website guides the users to search through various options like submit lyrics, metallic lyrics, artists A at Azlyrics, and many others. It is a profitable website for every user as it is circulating trending songs over the internet for ages.

2. Letssingit

Not as fast as azlyrics but Letssingit is still faster than its other contenders in the list. This song lyrics site is forum enabled and viewers can discuss the lyrics in the forum. Since its launch in 1997, Letssingit has come a long way since then. It is updated regularly and endeavors to provide latest lyrics of the latest songs as soon as they are released.

It is a resourceful website which contains plenty of music added by accurate lyrics and song info for wide range song lovers. They entertain the user with the latest released song in every possible way. The only problem we faced is that it has annoying ads on the homepage. Otherwise, Letssingit is no way less than Azlyrics. Now play music on App and read out lyrics with letssingit.

3. Lyricsplanet


White colored font over black background makes it best read when you are listening to songs with bedroom lights off. Most of us have a habit to listen to songs before falling asleep. Lyricsplanet already has the night-mode web design that would cause less harm to our eyes. But apart from this, Lyricsplanet has a huge library of song lyrics and it won’t disappoint you for most of the time. Now finding song lyrics online is way too easy.

On the other hand, the homepage also direct all the users to scroll through the list of the other lyrical website to get a better idea of the other website as well. The page also contains the list of the ‘Top 10 Billboard Song’ in order to tune into the latest trending songs.

4. Songmeanings

Some songs are actually deep. You won’t get it until you think and discuss it with your friends. But what if your friends do not listen to music with deep meanings? Worry not! Songmeanings has a large catalog of song lyrics where users interpret their own meaning below as comments. They are your friends and you can be their friends as well. At the same time, the website highly encourages every user to put forward their feedback and response on their open forum platform to bring out the concerned issue individually.

5. Metrolyrics

metrolyrics homepage

Metrolyrics homepage resembles a billboard page but this website holds a huge database of song lyrics as well. If you find celebrities news interesting, metrolyrics should be your favorite pick. Since this ranking is solely devoted to song lyrics’ lovers, Metrolyrics ends at the fifth position on our rank list.

The website highly supports the licensed version of the music of every artist under the copyright act. This has helped the website to prevent the rising rate of piracy. It thus solely provides a huge platform for more than over 16,000 artists which mean over 1 million songs in total.

 6. Genius

Genius.com is more than a lyrics searching website. It is more diverse when compared to metrolyrics. But what makes us Genius rank on the sixth position in our rank list is that it has an amazing forum for discussion. It has an attractive homepage as well. Even if you are not a celebrity fan follower but topics such as Eminem’s life story (in lyrics) would force you to open and read the content thoroughly.

The homepage of the website guide the users to tune into the latest feature stories on their wall followed by the date of the event. The user can also follow up on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page in order to be updated on time.

7. Lyricswikia

LyricWiki Lyric website

“Lyrics by fans, for fans”. Lyricswikia maintains the songs database submitted by its users. Now find song lyrics that you might have missed. Since its launch, it has maintained more than a million music lyrics on its website. Navigate using artist name, Album or song title.

The website highly supports licensed version of every artist to prevent piracy. In addition to this, the website automatically provides you with the detailing of the song, its lyrics, and also about the artist without misguiding you with the wrong information.

8. Lyricsondemand

Every song lover or song listener can tune to their favorite songs by simply visiting ‘Lyricsondemand’. The website comprises a huge songs database which is considered to be the largest and enormous over the web. The website significantly guides its users by providing the song info, artist info, video info in order to provide easy accessibility of every user in just only one click. It fully gives authorization to every genre of music such as hip-hop, country, jazz, Christian, and the latest trending songs of the weeks and months. In addition to music, the website also provides the latest news on any upcoming music audio or video so that the user can be up to date to the happenings around them.

9. Songlyrics

songlyrics website

Songlyrics is another trending website providing the best lyrical songs just a click away. When you choose to alter your song to a new one the app will automatically alter the lyrics of the new preferred song. In addition to this, the website comes with some really cool features such as the search option, now playing option, recently viewed option, and lastly the play music option. Songlyrics is specifically known for being ‘Know the Words’. The first page of the website directs the users to scroll through the list of top 23 song lyrics which highly signifies the top 100 of all time. The extreme left bar of the page guides the user to scroll through the list of the top albums of the trending week.

10. Lyricsmode

Your search ends here if you are looking for the best kind of music added by lyrics. The homepage of the website directs the users to the various categorized options such as the updates, charts, and top new songs trending of the week. The user can also search alphabetically and numerically from the listing of A-Z and also 0-9. The user can also enter new songs with lyrics by simply clicking on the ‘add new lyrics option’ on the homepage. The website also makes you see and scroll through the list of the ‘top gaining users’ of the trending week or month.


This was our verdict on top song lyrics sites”. But before we conclude, we should let you know that there is no clear winner. Every day new songs are released but for instance, if Azlyrics would fail to update its database with the newly released song, then surely other song lyrics websites would have a favorable chance to leap at the top by pushing the top-ranked to the lowest.

If any song lyrics website will not update its database regularly, then it should be ready to be pushed down the hill. So, the sure winner would be the one who will update its lyrics database regularly! Who according to you will be a sure winner?  Can’t say!