Top 5 Battery Saving Apps For Android

In the previous post, we updated the manual tips and tricks that are helpful to extend the battery life of your Android smartphone. Now, in this post we will extend the tips to some feasible option, i.e, Save Battery Life Easily With Android Apps. There are some android apps that are known to well manage the battery saving task. Android OS is one of the great innovations in the mobile world. An Android OS is known for its Apps. Thousands of useful apps can be found on google play store.

But the architecture of Android is built in a fashion that the apps that run in the background, the screen and the processes consume a lot of battery power and we end up with a low battery at the end of the day. Though one can easily optimize battery life by implying simple tweaks App does that quite efficiently. The positive aspect of these apps is that some witty developers have managed to develop such apps that are proficient enough in the task of saving the battery of a smartphone.

It’s really hard to find an application that actually saves battery since most measures of battery saving are manual, including turning the screen brightness down, turning mobile data off when not in use, and other proven methods which are true and useful. So, without wasting time, let’s move to our descriptive section.

5 Best Battery Saving Apps For Android

Let’s have a look at the apps that are useful for saving the battery of your smartphone. These apps generally handle all the manual tweaks like lowering the brightness and do a lot in processor control too. Have a look at the 5 apps that really helps to save battery life of Android Smartphone.

1. DU Battery Saver

DU battery saver app


“With its preset smart saving modes, intelligent battery power management feature, one-touch controls and features of the healthy stage battery charger features, you can solve battery problems and extend battery life.”
I still remember the first time I installed this app on my phone and I was so surprised to notice the efficacy in battery saving.

It is a free battery saving app that can help you increase your battery life up to 50%. The app has managed 4.5 rating which tells us that the app has managed to keep its promise.

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2. Battery Doctor (the ultimate battery saver)

It is another Battery saving app that has managed 4.5 rating and helped many to increase battery life by 50%. Surely, millions of users have seen the benefits. It helps to Keep your Android phone working for longer, provides detailed information on the battery, and using its unique 3-stage charging helps to keep the battery in good condition. It saves your battery from dying soon and takes care of battery health while charging also.

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These all Apps available at play store and doesn’t require rooted mobile. If you got Rooted device then do check out best root Apps for Android. Through rooting one can easily explore the real power of Android.

3. Avast Battery Saver

avast battery app
A most reliable tool with an interactive user interface. It can help to stay unplugged for 30% longer. It keeps its promise for all the devices and can increase the battery lifetime by up to 30%. Millions of users are using this app to get aid in battery management. It is easy to use and will provide the estimate when the battery of your android smartphone is probably going to die and will save you from unexpected conditions.

It will help you detect and stop the apps that are draining the power of your device. But, the twist here is that its rating fluctuates between 4.2 and 4.4 and has never reached 4.5 to 4.8, but it is a good app.

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4. Go battery Saver and power Widget

GO saving battery is seemingly able to extend your battery life. The main features of this battery also include energy saving mode, smart savings, power tests, etc. if you use this app you will have to never worry about finding a charger in the middle of the day again! What I like about this app is that the development team works hard to bring timely updates and add a lot of new features to the app.

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5. 2 Battery – battery Saver

2 battery app
As the name suggests, this app aims at doubling the battery life. It also a great app when it comes to the user interface and the functionality of the app. It features are a little bit different from the apps mentioned above. In the modern era this help to extend the battery life to may extra hours by managing the internet connection smartly in the background.

Its smart algorithm help to intelligently manage the on internet connection and adds functionality and flexibility to its design. The app has won the heart of millions and has secured 4.1 to 4.4 rating in recent time.

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By proper usage of the phone, the battery can be saved plus the above-mentioned apps add to the advantage when they do all the necessary tasks to save the battery. There are a lot of apps that can do the work for you. It is possible to save a lot of power and make your device energy efficient, this will help you reduce the excessive strain on the battery of the device and will relieve processor stress too. Take a chance and install these apps and do write to us your experience.

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