Multiple WhatsApp Accounts Without Root | Top 5 Ways

Having Dual Sim supported Android device and maintaining two number is a common case nowadays. Everyone wants to control the amount of exposure of personal life to a limited circle. That’s why keeping multiple numbers is a trend now. And if you got the most popular instant Messaging App i.e, WhatsApp on your device then the biggest tragedy is about the number of accounts you can have is only one. Multiple WhatsApp is a need of time and most of us agree on this part.

If I ask  why we need two WhatsApp accounts, the answer to this is, we all live in different environments in a single day, and at the end of the day, when we are leaving our office to go home or on the weekends, we do not want to carry the stress of our office to our home. And this is only possible if we have two WhatsApp accounts, one for colleges and one for family and relatives. Switching between the two accounts decides our mood. Given below are the apps that you can use dual WhatsApp without rooting your device

Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

This Article is all about getting this trick work for you. Not going to be a typical one, just download the App and follow the given procedure. And one of the most important things, you don’t need to root your Android device for using multiple WhatsApp Accounts.

Requirement For  Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

  • App, for Creating two accounts ex: GBWhatsApp, WhatsMapp
  • Android Phone with the Internet connection.
  • Any device like Rooted or Non-Rooted. Works with both.

Dual WhatsApp: We have two Apps WhatsMapp and GBWhatsApp. Now, these both Apps are a modded version of WhatsApp. If you ask me which one is your favourite then the answer is WhatsMapp undoubtedly. Simple steps and easy to perform the task. OGWhatsApp is a little bit typical. It requires few extra steps which none of us want to perform. But having extra options is always better than none.

Run Dual WhatsApp Accounts on One Android device

Method 1: Using GBWhatsapppp

Step 1:  First of all you need  GBWhatsapp Apk for a device.

GBWhatsapp |

Step 2:  Keep patience Apk is about 18 MB in size.After Downloading, Install App which you downloaded just now.

Step 3: Open newly installed App and enter Number of your Current WhatsApp number which you are currently using in your original WhatsApp.

Step 4: App will verify your number.It’s a verification check.

Step 5: Now enter your name and other credentials. This is a GBWhatsapp account.

Step 6: Now Clear the data of original WhatsApp account.This could be done from Apps under setting option.

Step 7: After clearing data, Open original WhatsApp and enter the second number. This will create an account with the second number.

Step 8: Verify number and Enter your credentials.

Congrats your mobile is running dual Accounts.You have successfully created multiple WhatsApp using WhatsMapp.I think that was pretty easy thing to do.

This a tested procedure and will work for you as it did for me.In case having trouble with this method, head-on toward next method.We will use OGWhatsApp now.

Method 2: OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp is another great App for making multiple WhatsApp accounts.The best part is that you don’t need to root your mobile phone.

Step 1: Firstly you need to take a complete backup of your Conversation.This could be done by setting option inside your WhatsApp. Take a backup.

Taking WhatsApp chat backup

Tap on Back up Chats

Step 2: Now Clear your all WhatsApp data from Settings > App > WhatsApp.You are smart enough to do it.

Clearing WhatsApp data

Step 3: Change the name   Sd/Whatsapp directory to Sd/OGWhatsApp. This could be done through Android File manager or getting access through USB cable.We all do this sort of work.C’mon move forward.

Changing to OGWhatsApp

WhatsApp Renamed To OGWhatsApp

Step 4: Now its time to Install OGWhatsApp. Download apk file from direct link OGWhatsApp.

Step 5: Verify your Old number that you were using initially.Enter your credential and create your account.You have created your first account successfully.

Step 6: Now Download WhatsApp from Google play store.

Step 7: Register your second account and verify the number.

Congrats again. You have successfully installed two WhatsApp account on one Android device. Isn’t it a crazy way of doing this. But, Is WhatsApp a hype or it’s worth it?

Method 3: Multiple WhatsApp Using Parallel Space

Dual WhatsApp Account

The Parallel Space application is a third party application which allows you to run two WhatsApp accounts in a single phone simultaneously with getting banned or facing any issues. All that you need to do to use this application is, search and download this app from the Play store.

After the installation of the application, you have to open the application and look for ‘+’ symbol in the app. Once you see the symbol, you need to tap on it and go to add WhatsApp account option. Now you can verify your number with the account and get going with your new WhatsApp account. For using this app, you do not need to root your device.

   Parallel Space

Method 4: Using 2 Accounts: Multi-User Switch

Two whatsapp account

The simple metric I always check while trying any app is user rating. That’s why all of these Apps have a rating of 4+ on play store. Now here comes another app for using multiple WhatsApp on a single android device. 2 Accounts: Multi-user switch is an app to fiddle with. You can switch between messaging Apps and games.

Be it Whatsapp, Wechat, Line, Facebook, etc. Multi-User Switch can handle all these Apps on a single a single environment. As user rating is more than 4, so it qualifies a criterion of testing and personal device.

   Multi User Switch

Method 5: Manual Way Using Dual WhatsApp On Android

Though I may be repeating myself several times it’s true. Android is highly customizable and this is why it’s highly popular. Here comes another feature which lets you run two WhatsApp on one Android mobile.  Multiple users environment is supported on Android lollipop and above. Now you can create new users and install separate WhatsApp for each and every one.

Now for accessing account, you need to switch back to another user. The only trouble using this method is swapping & switching apps around.

Method 6: 2 Lines for Whazzap

dual whatsapp

Whazzap is an app for rooted device that let you use two WhatsApp simultaneously. Run two different accounts on a single device to keep your personal and work life separate. The only download fall of using whazzap is that it needs root access. Not many people are tech savvy to root their Android device as it involves risk of bricking the device. Once you get away with root, simply install whazzap and run two WhatsApp on one mobile device.

Both the WhatsApp will work perfectly keeping the chats log, contact & graphics separately. Also, once you are using an account, you will be completely isolated from the other one. Well, this might be an issue for many users but running two WhatsApp on the same active window is not possible right now.

   Dual Whatsapp


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