10 Sites Like Kissanime (Best Kissanime Alternatives)

There are a great number of sites available on the web which cater to the anime-love of the audience by providing them with a huge anime collection. Kissanime is one of the most famous anime websites for the purpose until it went down in the summers of 2017. The site was used by the viewers as an add-on on Kodi to stream anime content. The breakdown on kissanime created a great turmoil among anime lovers. Thanks to the walkthrough there are lots of sites like Kissanime that are freely available on the internet. Similar anime content, UI, and fanbase, these sites are ready to replace kissanime.

The main site going down also resulted in the going down of the add-on as well. Though the site is up now and working flawlessly on the new domain. Like before, you can find and download anime for free too. The following section mention such sites like Kissanime which are similar to Kissanime and would cater to the anime love of the audience.

List of Sites Like Kissanime Available In 2019

Kissanime Site

1. Animexd.me

Bringing you the best Kissanime replacement you can check right now. The humungous library of anime series and content variety makes it even way better than kissanime. It’s hard to find HD anime on Kissanime but with Animexd the case is completely different.  The online chat option let you share thoughts with random strangers.

When compared with any other listed sites, Animexd seems more premium and content rich. Similar to Kissanime, users are allowed to register and log in by creating a personal account for free. Like kissanime, the trending section picks up the most loved and watched anime on the sidebar.  The bonus comes with the clutter-free layout that you won’t find in any other alternatives.

2. Masterani.me

This is one of the most renowned Kissanime alternatives and contains one of the most amazing collections of anime shows when all the other similar sites are taken into comparison. The viewers can choose between the recently uploaded and the most popular anime shows right from the thumbnails that are displayed on the homepage of the website.

The website uses the search history of each and every user to predict the recommendations which is one of the best parts of this specific website. The users can also create their own anime playlists and can even download them to watch later. The surprise element is the random button that teleports you to the new anime title every time you press it. The great way to find new anime titles.

3. Gogoanime.se

The home page of this site displays certain categories like Anime List, New Series, Movies and Watch cartoon which helps the users to get a smooth binge-watching experience. The search feature on this website is highly advanced and displays the results of the search accurately and really fast. The website houses a huge database of anime including video clips, manga movies, etc.

Most of the anime shows also have English dub prints on this website. However, these English dubbed anime series can be found in a separate section. Every featured title on the homepage have the dubbed & subbed tag to easily find out the type of anime. Below that, the number of anime available episodes are shown.

4. Animeseason.com

Although a bit new in the game of anime, the website has gained a lot of fame and recognition in a very short time owing to its amazing service to the anime lovers. The website is totally user-friendly and features some unique features that are sure to blow away each and every viewer. The site is more like a social platform wherein the users vote for their favourite anime. This voting process decides the positioning of the shows under the most popular TV shows category. Thus, it is the anime lovers who decide whether the shows are recommendable or not.

The left sidebar shows the ongoing anime series while header of the websites lists the latest uploaded episodes. Similar to Kissanime, Animeseason keeps the list of all the anime with user votes. This makes it easy to find the popular series among the ocean of content.

5. Crunchyroll

When it comes to anime platforms, Crunchyroll would definitely take one of the top positions. This site houses almost every single anime series one can really imagine of. The home page of the site is customized to display the anime show titles in the form of a slideshow which also includes the recent uploads and the most watched titles as well. The premium membership also comes with a free trial period to let the user try lavish anime service.

The anime shows on the site are sorted into several categories under heads like most popular category, most watched category, etc. One can also choose to view the alphabetical list of the anime shows. The users need to pay certain charges to enjoy a vast amount of content since for the free memberships, the content is limited.

6. Animelab

This is one of the best anime streaming sites but is functional in Australia and New Zealand only. The best part about this site is that it features the dubbed versions of a huge number of anime shows which enables viewers from any language origin to watch them without subtitles. However, all the shows have subtitles available for them as well. The sites have been integrated with all the required features to make anime watching of the viewers a real fun.

Unlike most of the sites which are free to use, Animelab comes with freemium and premium plans. With just nominal subscription fees, any anime enthusiast can enjoy all the available without any hassle.

7. Animefreak.tv

It is one of the funkiest websites like Kissanime one can find for streaming anime shows online. The anime shows available on the website are sorted into a huge number of categories which can be accessed by the users right from the home page of the website. The categories displayed on the homepage of the website include anime list, browse by genre, anime a-z, latest episodes, latest anime, popular anime, etc. Apart from watching anime, the users can also read the manga, watch drama, etc. on this website.

8. Chia-anime.tv

One of the best sites like Kissanime, Chia-anime.tv is the best anime platform where one can find anime episodes for mobile. The site has one of the best possible designs among all other anime streaming websites. There is a huge collection of anime content on the website which the anime lovers can devour irrespective of the region they hail from. The content on the website is available free of cost to all the users. The home page of the website displays all the latest addition to the site.

Chia-anime has anime soundtrack, movies, Asian drama, latest Manga, and a separate column for mobile users. If you have low internet speed and love to watch on mobile then Kissanime is the best platform.

9.  Animeheaven.eu

This site maintains a huge distance from the copyright law since it offers all the services within legal boundaries. The users can download the episodes to watch it later as per their convenience. If a user is addicted to some other site, he can pay a visit to this site and he won’t regret it. The site features all the possible anime series and episodes and is similar to a black hole for all the anime lovers for all the anime buffs out there.

Just log on to this website and you get a world full of exciting anime content in front of you. The schedule option let users track the upcoming anime series sorted by days. Apart from getting ready for the upcoming new schedule, Animeheaven has a long list of dubbed & subbed anime.

10. Animedaisuki.moe

It is indeed one of the ultimate locations for all the anime freaks. Hailing out of North America, it is one of the largest websites, an anime buff can get to live up his craze. The anime shows are carefully sorted as per their genres on the website which makes it very easy to find one and is also helpful for recommendation purposes. There are a huge number of genres to cater to every interest of the anime lovers.

There is a separate section for the English dubbed anime as well. The website is also available in the form of an app on the smartphones and the users can gain access to tons of content with an easy registration process.


So as to ensure an unhindered anime watching experience, the users need to have a stable internet connection. If the internet connection of the user is not stable, he might face several buffering and loading issues on the websites mentioned above. All the above-mentioned sites like Kissanime would quench the thirst for amazing anime content and would provide a great watching experience to the users without any ads. Go on, grab a bucket of popcorn and tune in to any of these Kissanime alternatives to get the ultimate enjoyment.

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