10+ Popular Torrent Sites (Torrenting Sites) of 2019

Technically torrent is a bridge that is influenced by the peer-to-peer mechanism of file sharing. Apparently, you can conclude it as a bus that commutes files in no time. Torrent has often been mistaken as an application or something much like VPN. Neither torrent is an application nor it is a VPN because we all have witnessed that once we download a “torrent” file, it prompts to be opened by other client application like “utorrent”. And on providing consent, the application opens up the encrypted small file and also assists in downloading the decrypted large files.

In some countries using Torrent Sites to download any movie, games, music is illegal. So make sure that you do not break the rule of your country. Be on a safer side and play safe. To download torrent files from any torrent site, you need to download and install software that is necessary to download torrent files. In fact, I should give you a little intro about the torrent and how it really works.

Torrenting sites use torrent as a file extension. The file consists of information about the source of download known as seeders and requesting client is known as leechers. The whole torrent system works on peer-to-peer sharing of large files like music, movies, the software you can read a detailed explanation here.

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Best Unblocked Torrenting Sites You Can Try

So, we are all done with the ifs and buts of the same and without doing any further, let’s check out a few of the top performing torrent sites of this decade. You can install Chrome VPN add-ons and unblock any of these torrents sites if it is blocked in your region.

This is undeniably the one which has conquered a large portion of our torrenting hobby. This classic content benefactor provides a wide variety of contents in an awe-striking quality and resolution.
One of the most trustworthy torrent provider which has not failed to enthrall its fans for a single time. It might certainly be termed as a versatile site with a huge arsenal of contents.
It’s inevitably an apt one for P2P (peer to peer) addicts or aficionados. The contents are highly qualitative being scaffolded by bewildering resolution.
If you are an arcane fanatic of esoteric and strange torrents, then you are at the right place. 1337X might have a confined and petite database, but the contents are unquestionably mind-boggling.
The mellow and unambiguous pages of the same is worth noticing. This might prove out to be a deal grabber for those who love to be straightforward.
It has widely been accepted for his mammoth sized database and the same is updated at a much faster rate than any other of similar stature.
This is quite alike the index pages of novels. The significance of the previously stated line could only be cognized if you search the name of any torrent on the same. In return, it will portray a plethora of options (torrent sites consisting the searched content) teleporting you onto a cross junction.
This is quite an exquisite torrent site which is often being quoted as a “no fake torrent” site. If the user can make out a fake torrent from the list, then they are rewarded with a handsome amount of $1/torrent.
You might not find the content or torrent you have been looking for, but the dedicated enthusiasts have assured that they don’t fail to provide their users with consistent quality.
Aggressive and annoying ads have always made their way through when you intend to search for torrents. Trust me, such indomitable facet (sarcastically) is absent on the same and you can hover around without being irritated or diverted.
The same is not as appreciated as the others on the list but if you are a data analyst, you will undeniably be overwhelmed by the dashboard present on the same.
The clean and minimalistic UI (user interface) is certainly worth noticing but ads on the same might turn out to be a deal breaker for others.
With a substantially wide inventory of variety and quality contents, this has bewildered the community for long.
Alike “Google”, toorgle also enacts like a search engine for torrents, presenting data from than 470 similar sites.
The clear and graceful interface has turn out to be a USP (unique selling point) for the same.

Important Notes While Torrenting

satefy while torrenting online

1. Primarily you need to download a properly secured and indemnified web browser that certainly assures that your backend info or data are not being leaked or accessed. Though it’s technically impossible to fetch the same few tweaks and plugins can undeniably assist you to fabricate one. Browsers like “Firefox”, “Brave” etc. are always preferable.

2. If you are done with tweaking & tugging the browser, then the most significant thing that you need to do is to install a VPN (i.e. virtual private network). Questions might already have started peering into your mind regarding its importance. As a matter of fact, several governments have conjointly decided to block and shut down popular torrent sites due to the violation of norms and regulations.

And if you are an inhabitant of such a region, then you need to research out some other country which is cool with the usage of the torrent. Once you are aware of the same, you ought to set your VPN location analogous to that country.

3. You should always avert downloading and installing third-party applications who assure you with various sort of false promises regarding the same. Doing so might loopholes from which your back-end data can certainly ooze out. It might also result in vulnerable consequences as surfing torrents are legitimately illegal in most of the regions.

4. Applications like “utorrent” (which is a torrent client) plays the utmost responsibility after you download a torrent file from any of the torrent sites like kickass, pirate bay, etc. Once you click on the downloaded file, the utorrent application pops up and would ask for your consent regarding the downloaded encrypted file (it’s being decrypted once it opens in the application). On your consent, the decrypted files will start downloading the actual content.

5. You might have noticed and discerned that terms like – “seed/peer”, “leech” are present on the torrent sites. Basically, torrenting sites involves seeders, trackers, and leechers in the process. Less technically it might be stated that a mesh network is created (a number of interconnected computers) and each system or computer is known as a peer. It’s a preconceived notion that the more is the “seed” and “leech”, the greater will be the downloading speed of the very file in the torrent client.


The above-listed torrent sites are exquisite and astounding in their own ways. Trust me, they won’t let you down for they have been enlisted after thorough checking. So what are you waiting for? Go and discover the whole new world of amusement and entertainment.