10 Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Device

The rooted Android devices allow us to do many extra tasks. There are many articles available over the internet on how to root Android devices. Rooting your phone sometimes become very important if you want to use all such applications which are usually barred from using on an unrooted Android device. There are tasks which need root permissions and those tasks cannot be performed on an unrooted device. There are multiple benefits of using roots apps to unleash the true Android potential. If you have a rooted Android device, you can download and use any custom ROMs available on the internet.

You can get rid of the apps which came as stock on your phone. XDA forums provide all kinds to tutorials regarding rooting your device. So let us continue with our topic of free root apps to use on a rooted device. Given below are a list of the top ten apps which are considered to be the best for the rooted Android devices.

10 Root Apps You Should Install on Rooted Device

1. Greenify

Greenify Root app

Greenify is one of the best root apps you should try if you have a rooted Android device. This app helps in maintaining the cycle of your installed applications. This application helps in letting you know about when an application was installed on your device, for how long this app is running on your phone and when you should stop this application from running if it is draining your battery. This is how this app can help you by keeping your device healthy and fast.

So after getting these type of information from Greenify, you can make an app go into hibernation if it is taking a lot of resources from your phone to run; this will help enhance the performance of your phone.

2. AdBlock Plus

Adblocker App

The AdBlock Plus is also an app which you must try. It is one of the best root apps you should use if you want to get rid of the websites which annoy you with their advertisements. Advertisements can irritate you when you are in the middle of something important. This app completely stops the websites from showing the annoying popups and all the invalid redirections, and this helps in keeping your rooted phone safe.

3. Dumpster

Dumbster App

The Dumpster is just a recycle bin for all the rooted Android phones. The files which you have removed or deleted accidentally can be restored from this app. It can store an unlimited amount of files, it does have an upper limit. You can restore any kinds of files from this app, from games and PDFs to video and music.

This root app helps a lot at the time of emergency. It also runs in unrooted Android devices but it performs better on a rooted Android device. And if you want to remove the files permanently, you can also do so. The Dumpster app is a must use for all the rooted devices.

4. Link2SD

Link2SD app

The Link2SD app is an alternative app for App2sd. This app is completely identical to the App2sd app. This app makes the device believe that the app is still in the phone’s internal memory. This app also works on the applications which cannot be accessed by the App2sd app. This app helps you to use the external space of your phone for other purposes.

If you have used applications in the past, you will know that all applications contain bugs but not all bugs are harmful to your system. So you should always go through the reviews of the app before you download and install it.

5. Tasker

Task managment With Tasker

The Tasker root application is very popular amongst the rooted Android device users. This application helps in managing all the tasks from applications to widgets. It can literally control anything. This app has in numerous capabilities which will surprise you in many ways. You must try this application once. The things which can be done with this app, have not been imagined by you in your wildest dreams. This app does not require a rooted Android device to run, but if you run it on a rooted Android device, the app runs really smooth.

6. Titanium Backup

titanium backup app

This is an amazing application. This app not only backs up your files and data but also can do many other tasks like freezing apps and uninstall bloatware. You can also move and remove any application from SD card to phone memory and vice versa. If your phone is rooted, then you must try this app on your Android device.

7. Dolby Digital

Dolby App For Rooted Device

Dolby Digital is a unique application for enhancing your device sound. This helps your phone to produce enhanced sound; from music to the apps which has sound effects, the app acts on the background to take control over the speakers to produce refined sound quality. The concept of this application may sound weird to many, but this app should get a place in the list of top five Android applications for the rooted devices.

8. Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework is a very interesting app which helps you to make the user interface of your phone interesting without downloading any custom ROMs. You can add themes, revamp the buttons, modify the graphics orientations and also tweak the performance. This list never ends, and it has all the things to catch our attention. All you have to do is check whether the modification is available for your device or not. If not, then also you will always find some better options.

9. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a very handy application because it can do many kinds of tasks. This app helps you to get rid of annoying advertisements and invalid redirections. It also breaks the Android Market License Confirmation for the apps so that it does not ask for the application permissions.

Developer Chelpus is the person behind making this application. This application performs well on rooted Android devices. The application will surprise you in every alternate minute after you install it.

10. Trickster Mod

trickster mod app

The Trickster Mod is an application for rooted device which has some great features. This app is quite similar to the Xposed Framework application, both these app has same kinds of features and modifications but with some small variations. You can use both the apps simultaneous though they have more or less same kinds of features, if you have both the apps, you will get options for more tweaks and modulations in order to make your phone look good. Amazing things can be done if you use both the apps simultaneously.