7 Best Torrent Clients 2019 | Fast Torrent Experience

The torrent network is a network that is based upon the point to point sharing of software, music, video, eBook, anime, and any digital stuff that you think of! Torrent is an innovation in the digital file-sharing world, yet indeed it is the world of piracy. The fascinating feature that compels the users to download via torrent is that they can get anything they want without paying a single penny. That’s where torrent clients come to rescue.

But, if you want efficiency out of the system then you need to have knowledge of best working torrent sites as well as the best torrent clients that will bore the fruit for you. It has been observed and repeatedly reported on popular forums and discussions that the torrenting client does not work all the time correctly. We have researched the best torrent clients of 2018 that you can use to get the best results and the alternatives for you that give you enhanced torrent downloading service.

Advantages of Using Torrents Clients

Convenience: It is easy to find a torrent file. There are plenty of good torrent sites to keep you updated.

Speed: Well, the term is relative, and the speed you are going to get is directly linked to the internet connection you get, but yes, you can get high download speed most of the time.

If you want the free torrent client, there is plenty to choose from. The best torrent client from the past was uTorrent, but now we have plenty of advanced torrenting clients.

Top Free Torrent Clients For Fast Torrenting

Below is a list of the top Torrent Softwares that you can try and choose your favourite out of them. But depending on where you live, what you download. You might consider trying something else.

1. U-torrent & Bittorrent | Best Torrent Software

Bittorent Client

Both are the same torrent software now and are owned by bit torrent inc. BitTorrent offers web-based seeding, downloading and commenting and also reviewing the torrent download. Both torrent software has unbeatable features, but sometimes connection establishment takes time, rest all is fine.

Top features:

  • Lightweight Software to download.
  • Faster down and up rate.
  • Supports downloads with .torrent and Magnetic URL.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Available for all platform(Mac-windows-android) which makes.

Though both of these torrents clients are the product of the same brand they differ in a few key features. BitTorrent supports web-based seeding, commenting and reviewing. With new features like torrent download, stream, and remote access, BitTorrent is the best torrenting client of all time. They support all major platform including Apple TV. On the other hand, Utorrent, a torrent client acquired by BitTorrent, has transformed into the web browser. Under the Project Maelstrom, Utorrent has released the beta version for Windows PC. Torrent is now fun and more convenient than ever before.

| BitTorrent | | Utorrent |

2. BitComet

bitcomet client

BitComet is the best combo torrent client that you can ever have. It can grab any download that you want it to be. BitComet can not only download the torrent, but it can also download other files that you throw at it. The speed and torrent handling capability make it stand apart from the other clients. The speed of torrent client also depends upon the number of seeders and leechers. The interface is quite simple for even a beginner to understand and use the software actually. The major drawback is that it doesn’t support multiple platforms.

Top features:

  1. versatile and secure.
  2. Intelligent Disk Caching System.
  3. Preview file before downloading.
  4. Download accelerator up to 2-5 times.

See summary and the files that the client is downloading and choose the files that you want to be downloaded.

 | Bitcomet |

3. Bitlord Torrent Client

Bitlord Client software

Bitlord!! The name seems to be very fascinating. Bitlord does not compromise the security and has many embedded features to keep you and your data secure from any theft. Password encryption for the safety adds up to the trust level that it builds. Unfortunately, this is not available for mobile devices but works well for windows. Bitlord makes downloading and streaming torrent much easier than before.

They are also featuring Bitlord Usenet which gives you 10 GB of superfast downloading speed anonymously.

Top features:

  • Small in size yet efficient in action.
  • Available for Windows and Mac PCs.
  • Supports downloads with both .torrent and Magnet URL.
  • The best part is that it passes downloads that are encryption supported.
  • You have the option to Create and Add both your personal and Private torrent files.

 | Bitlord |

4. Vuze | Multi-Variant Torrent Client

Vuze Best Torrent Client

The only torrent client with tons of functionality. Not many clients come with support for Linux based system. Vuze is a client that comes in two versions. One with stripped one for lightweight and faster processing while other is more feature rich.

Vuze Version :

  1. Leap (Windows, Mac)
  2. Vuze (Windows, Mac, Linux)

1. Leap

Leap is a stripped version comes with no ads feature. The client supports only basic features of torrent clients, suitable for lightweight and faster processing. It supports Windows and Mac PC. With the number of options and variant it provides users with, it could be entitled to one of the best torrent clients for 2018, and that too with evidence.

2. Vuze

Powerful and feature-rich is what Vuze is. It supports major platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. One can also manage torrents through remote access. The premium version comes loaded with some of the most amazing features like virus protection, swarm discoveries, and no ads.

| Vuze |

5. Transmission

Transminssion app

Here comes the hero, savior for Mac users. Transmission gained its popularity as a standalone torrent client for MAC OS X and Linux machines. It has proved to be a super app that is light in weight and does not spam your Personal Computer. Transmission can run quietly in the background with or without a user interface (up to you how you configure). It has been the popular and the only good torrenting client for Mac OS. The best part is that it is free, open source and can be customized for Linux users.

Apart from that Transmission also gives you robust system notifications for the download scheduling, encryption, active and completed downloads, port forwarding, remote management, and just about everything else you might expect from a well-built client.

Top Features:

  • Well-built, lightweight and user-friendly.
  • Contains no bugs and is free to use.
  • Takes care of your privacy.

| Transmission |

6. Ttorent | Lite Torrent App

Ttorrent Lite

If you want to have a luxury app, I call it Ttorrent for android, simple, user-friendly, lightweight and fast. It has, in fact, more features than any torrent software for mac and windows. Ttorrent is an Android app that will let you download the torrent from your mobile phone. If you do not want to keep your PC on for a long time for high GBs of downloads, then you can use your mobile. Downloading will be handy and faster.

The free version comes loaded with ads as many users complained about the very same issue while writing reviews. If you have few bucks to spends than ads won’t be a matter of concern for you.

| Ttorrent Lite  |

7. Torch Browser | Torrent Client As Browser

Torch Browser

No external client needed, your browser knows the best for youMany internet users are already familiar with this browser. Torch browser has an interface similar to that of google chrome and helps in the efficient management of torrent download and has the separate feature available to manage the torrent download. More than that it has a media grabber extension that will let you grab videos, audios, pictures and more from various websites that you visit daily in the browser.

This multi-purpose so-called client let you listen to music, play games, download media file, play movies with the inbuilt media player. Indeed one of the best Torrent client you can use to make most of your browser.

| Torch Browser |


I hope that you liked the post and got the answers to some of the questions that made you read the post. There are plenty of top and advanced torrent clients available now. With the advancement in torrent demand and of course the technology, you have the privilege to use these clients or either go for the alternatives like Zbigz and Torch and Ttorrent that will offer you the features that some of the recent torrenting clients lags behind.

Now the ball is your court. Choose the top torrent software based on feature, speed, faster processing and the most specific “Platform of operation”. Hope you will love more of such content on Infogeekers. Do follow us and subscribe.