10 Best Chrome Extensions For World Class Browsing

From its inception, Internet browsers have evolved for speed and functionality. There was a time when browsers were meant for only web surfing, now demand of Internet has enhanced the browsing experience with the third party add-ons. Being one of the famous Internet browsers, Chrome has tons of extensions which can change the way you surf the Internet. Though Firefox and Opera are well optimised for speed and security, Chrome has been favorite due to its simple and clutter-free design.

The most preferred and user-friendly browser, Chrome by Google has always made its mark by providing hassle-free web browsing experience to its users. With Chrome, by allowing extensions, which are the extra add-ons to the browser, users can have an enhanced browsing experience with some of the complex features available handy.

Here are some of those chrome extensions which every user must try in 2018 for an extraordinary web browsing experience. I’ll be updating many more chrome extensions soon.

Must Try Chrome Extensions To Make Most of Your Browser

1. Google Dictionary

google dictionary extension

An extension by Google itself, Google Dictionary, when enabled allows its users to know the meaning of any word they encounter on the web. It is no more minimizing the Chrome window and searching for the meaning or using a new tab. Users can simply double tap the word, they want to know the meaning and the meaning of it will pop up on their window.

This extension supports multiple languages and also has a toolbar where users can directly enter any word and get its meaning. For the users who spend most of their time reading online, this extension can be greatly helpful.

2. LastPass-Free Password Manager

password extension for chrome

Another great extension, LastPass is a password manager which helps in saving usernames and passwords for the users. It is absolutely safe and free to use. With multiple accounts throughout numerous websites across the internet, users find it really challenging to maintain a memory of all their usernames and passwords.

LastPass ensures the users that it’s no more remembering their login credentials or choosing forgot password option by managing each of their credentials with ease and security. It also enables an auto-fill feature which users find really amazing and convenient to use.

3. AdBlock

adblock extension

While surfing the web, we might have experienced a number of tabs and windows getting popped up without our permission that are totally irrelevant to our required content. These unwanted Ads and pop-ups are indeed irritating while web browsing and could be virus-containing ads also. AdBlock successfully blocks these unwanted and harmful ads and allows interruption free web browsing experience.

Not only from the untrusted websites, AdBlock blocks ads from all web pages including Facebook and Youtube also. With its features AdBlock clearly has made its mark for being one of the best extensions for 2018.

4. Chrome Remote Desktop

remote desktop chrome

Another extension by Google itself, Chrome Remote Desktop allows users for remotely accessing another computer through their Chrome browser. Chrome Remote Desktop extension helps us easily take control over another computer from our own. This takes place through a secure remote connection and helps in securely accessing applications and files of another computer on our own.

This extension can be really helpful for providing any kind of tech support to any computer by remotely accessing it in case the user is unable to access their system on their own and is totally safe for use.

5. Boomerang for Gmail

An awesome email service by Google, Boomerang for Gmail allows its users to schedule a particular time and day for their emails to be sent. Usually helpful for corporate sectors where employees are supposed to send their email at a particular time but it often happens that they have their emails ready in their drafts but forget.

Boomerang for Gmail extension acts as an excellent reminder and helps them the most in scheduling their email times and the mails are sent automatically. It uses a handy calendar picker and an available textbox for maintaining its schedule and is also available for Android and iOS operating systems.

6. Turn off the lights

Keeping aside its really funny name, this extension is of great use and is one of the top-rated plugins in the Google Chrome web store. This extension works on YouTube only. While viewing videos at night or in a dark room, the white background of YouTube seems to be too bright which is annoying most of the time for the users.

Turn off the lights extension turns the YouTube screen to faded dark mode on a single click and focuses only on the video. The screen again comes back to its original mode by clicking again on the extension. I’ve been personally using chrome addon for watching youtube vidoes.

7. Grammarly

grammarly extension

One of the best chrome extensions that I personally use. A tool for writers, Grammarly automatically detects any grammatical fault in a sentence typed by the user on an online platform. It detects the faults and suggests the user with alternatives to that fault. Users can undo their fault by double-clicking the suggestion by Grammarly and change their text.

This extension is free to use and its paid version comes with genre-specific online plagiarism detector. Grammarly is surely an excellent extension for writers to get them correct for every sentence they type online. Though the addon works for free, the paid version comes loaded with extra features.

8. Honey

Honey addon

Honey extension is one of the best chrome extensions for online shopping. Honey helps the users to avail great discounts on every product they buy from any online website. During the checkout of any product, while buying online, Honey extension displays a long list of coupons available for that particular website.

Users do not have to write those codes again in the coupon box and can select any relevant coupon from the list to get their product at a reasonable price. I haven’t used this extension personally, but as per online reviews and content, people are enjoring using Honey.

9. Personal Blocklist

Personal Blocklist screenshot

Maintaining a personal block list for certain websites is no more a concern with the availability of this extension. Personal Blocklist extension help users to maintain their personal list of websites and hosts that they want to block and successfully blocks them from their browser. Users can select any host and website and add them to their list and that would be forbidden for access henceforth and even the blocked websites result will not appear in their Google search.

This chrome addon is good for tricking kids whom you don’t want to access certain sites. Once the website is added in the blocked list, browser won’t be able to make connection and it won’t load the webpage.

10. Chrome Office Viewer

office viewer extension

This extension can help the most for viewing documents online. Users don’t have to download their documents or PDFs to their computer and use some software to view or edit them. Once this extension is enabled, the Office files will open in Docs, Sheets, and Slides for their viewing and editing. Users can edit their files with ease and save them to their original format or convert them to Docs, sheets or slides. This also allows users to invite others to view and edit with them, comment and even chat about it.

End Note

By providing great browsing experience and supporting such extensions, Chrome has managed to maintain its position of being the most preferred web browser among the users. The above-mentioned chrome extensions are most trusted and very easy to enable and handle in the web browser and will definitely ensure great browsing experience for its users in 2018.

Hope this has helped you in making your browsing experience more pleasurable. Do let us know if you are using any other productive addon on your chrome browser.