AnimeLab: Popular Premium Anime Series For Free

Having written a post about Crunchyroll, how could I miss Animelab. As not many people are aware of this anime site, today I’m going to share some detailed information about this platform. Animelab is the perfect destination for all the anime fans. It is the best possible way for watching the most popular anime hits along with the simulcast shows those are fast-tracked and are directly broadcasted from Japan and all of them are in HD.

AnimeLab provides its viewers with thousands of episodes just for free. New shows get updated every week. Animelab is similar to Crunchyroll but only limited to Newzealand and Australia. Yes, for now, the platform is accessible in two countries having free and premium plans.Let’s take a detail dig on content, Interface, Plans, Shows and facts that may help you decide the worth of Animelab.

Variety of Content

AnimeLab covers a wide variety of genres including action, adult Swim, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy and much more. Adding categories doesn’t make a good streaming platform, providing quality content does. There are many popular & premium series that you can watch for free. Also, some shows were exclusive that you won’t find for free elsewhere.


Animelab interface & content


The user-friendly interface of AnimeLab allows one to lean back and simply enjoy the latest hits in the anime world along with the direct simulcasts from Japan on to his big screen. One can easily connect his PC to any large screens like TV for browsing and enjoy AnimeLab in a whole new manner.

The interface of big-screen comes with the AnimeLab TV which can be controlled either with the keyboard or through the game controller connected to the PC. The simple interface helps the user to search for the shows along with their definite episodes.

One also gets to view the recently aired shows and those that have been queued. The viewer can watch the unfinished episodes of anime on any particular device that he had started earlier.


With the thousands of the anime episodes streaming absolutely for free, the viewers can start enjoying them instantly. Being compatible on different platforms and devices, one can have an access to their favorite anime shows at anywhere anytime. The best of the anime shows have their source in Japan and all of them are fast-tracked to all anime lovers.

And the major attraction of AnimeLab is that all the content is provided absolutely for free. No restrictions as such have been made on how much a viewer can watch.

Premium Plan and Free Plan

1. Premium Plans

The subscribers of the Premium Plan will have an HD streaming of 1080p without any interruptions of the advertisements. They are also going to enjoy priority supports and membership perks. The simulcasts are without any delay. The dubbed languages are in Japanese and English along with the English subtitles.

The price of the plan in Australia as well as in New Zealand is $6.95/month while one can pay a yearly charge of $69.50/year.

2. Free Plan

The free users will be enjoying a limited catalog of anime and the simultaneous casts will be delayed by a week from that in Japan. They will also have a maximum streaming of 480p. The video quality is standard definition and the episodes come with Japanese and English subtitles/

Supported Devices | App | Site

AnimeLab offers its viewers with mobile apps for both the iOS and Android users so that they are able to stream the anime on their smartphones and tablets. It is also available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Sony TV, Blu Ray, PC on TV, Apple AirPlay and Xbox One.

Presently, it can also be viewed with web browsers and Chromecast. The AnimeLab On-Air is a programming block of anime that is currently aired on the C31 Melbourne.

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News on AnimeLab

Although the streaming services of AnimeLab have been providing the services for free it has launched the Premium Plans for the anime lovers. Along with the simulcasts, it will also bring to its users the old school classics.  The new project of Konosuba Anime has been announced. The creator of the Fairytale has declared the return of the anime in 2018. The preview video of Food Wars Season 3 is also available.

A Final Take

I can surely bet that one will still be able to enjoy a lot of anime for free which is not in the case of Hulu TV or other anime streaming platforms. I was extremely satisfied with the free service as it provided me with full screen and HD anime and there were absolutely no issues while streaming.

The news that has been trending is that with the premium subscriptions, one can enjoy discounts on the Madman products and the first 500 members will also get incentives. They can also get a chance to enjoy a few days in Japan.